What Does Iddo Benzeevi Really Think of The Citizens of The East End of Moreno Valley?

When Mr. Benzeevi of Highland Fairview speaks in public regarding his developments and the residents of eastern Moreno Valley now known as Rancho Belago, he speaks of working together, caring and respect for their views and community and his desire to address their concerns, but what does he say behind closed doors about them.

Well just listen below to hear from his own mouth his disdain for these same citizens.

Just click play:

What you just heard was Iddo Benzeevi referring to the hundreds of people who oppose his projects, and how they “don’t mean shit,” also at the end he makes it perfectly clear that if you plan a career in politics and align yourself with those who do not support his vision, “it’s over.”

This conversation was to outline Rios’ future, he could either align himself with the constituents of Moreno Valley’s district three as Frank West, or join with him (Iddo) and the consequences of supporting the district three voters.

Just think, we have elected official who attack their own citizens for speaking out against this man, yet stand firm and highly supportive of a developer who states that citizens of Moreno Valley don’t mean “shit” to him, something is just wrong with that.

6 thoughts on “What Does Iddo Benzeevi Really Think of The Citizens of The East End of Moreno Valley?

  1. Another thought. If the World Logistics Center was to be a real project for construction, what in the world could it offer that a company interested in placing a distribution center in Moreno Valley would want that it couldn’t get ahold of an build itself?

    Any manufacturer can occupy an empty building with its products along I-215 or build a completely new facility there by themselves and with their own money. The only thing Highland Fairview offered Skechers on the eastern end was some cheap land and promises of improvements in infrastructure that had never been able to deliver on.

    If I were Amazon for example and wanted to bring a warehouse to Moreno Valley why would I want to build there? The freeway is too narrow, the eastern roads are damaged and need repair the city can’t afford, there are no establish electrical lines or sewage lines needed for the buildings as most residents there have septic tanks, no infrastructure can support it, it’s farther out of the way from mainstream routes like I-10 I need to reach, and it’s very far away from the LA Basin compared to places like Chino, Fontana, Redlands, and more. What would Highland Fairview offer me, but a fully constructed building designed to my specifications?

    But they have no construction firm ready I can just get one myself to do the work and put it where I want. What then can they offer me?

    Some cheap land and a name is the answer because he can’t prove they have ever built a single building anywhere at all. If he gets a rezoning of the eastern end for industrial space the land is going to increase in price and so will the construction cost of the building on already undesirable land.

    There is no reason to build there I would go to near March ARB, Perris, Riverside, San Bernardino, Banning, or elsewhere to get what I want. The city should look at trying to encourage individual companies who are looking to bring their warehouses to the Inland Empire on their own accord that have the means of building them instead of waiting for a joker like Iddo Benzeevi to provide them and giving him special presentation time and endorsement to produce something. Why don’t they try to get the Veterans hospital from Loma Linda desired at March Life Care to come here over other cities, or push for preexisting medical clinics to open in the city?

    The answer is simple they have no goods to deliver and the real demand for these businesses is simply not there.

  2. While Iddo Benzeevi didn’t dabble in selling homes to the wealthy and celebrities he did try to make the biggest housing tract in the Inland Empire through the Moreno Highlands project. He also is someone who wants to attract world-class companies to Moreno Valley, flirt with the rich, famous, and politically affluent, plus have political control over the city manager and council member, wow the public with his overly grand projects, get his name in the newspaper as the head of a world renowned company, etc. Never realizing how delusional he has been all of these years just because he get some loan money or investment money to pay off a very unintelligent city staff to endorse his wild and unsustainable dreams.

    • That will be what they call the new specific plan if it passes, or better yet when it passes. However there is no development agreement involved in that, that will require negotiations between the City and Highland Fairview, a pass before the planning commission and then approval by the city council.

      Any development agreement is a separate issue from the specific plan itself.

  3. What happens if Highland Fairview’s development agreement concerning the Moreno Highlands project expires in September? Can the contact be bid for by by another company for another project? If it expires does that Iddo Benzeevi can no longer do anything with the land?

    • The Moreno Highlands was a specific plan and not a development agreement, even if it was a development agreement it would just end and another company could not pick up where HF left off. The land for any development which would have been incorporated into any development agreement would still belong to Highland Fairview.

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