Laying the Groundwork for the World Logistics Center

During the Moreno Valley City Council meeting of December 11th, 2012, newly elected puppet Thomas Owings goes on a lengthily diatribe regarding the EIR for the Ridge Centerpoint Project, most of which (if not all) had little to do with the project itself, and more to do with laying the groundwork for his puppeteer Iddo Benzeevi and his World Logistics Center, a dream of 41.6 million square feet of industrial warehousing he hopes to build in the eastern portion of Moreno Valley.

Throughout this long session of bloviating Mr. Owings made several incorrect statements aimed at maligning the Law Offices of Johnson and Sedlack as well as a local Moreno Valley citizens group and the Sierra Club.

Mr. Owings even got a little assistance from his attorney and fellow councilman Richard (Dick) Stewart, who opined regarding Tort Reform and the Trevor Law Group in comparison to Johnson and Sedlack, however there is no true comparison to the two whatsoever.

Johnson and Sedlack doesn’t file suits simply to file them for personal gain and using themselves as the client, no they are hired by clients such as various community groups, local municipalities, as well as other governmental agencies.  To compare them with legal extortionist, and or the Trevor Law Group is just plain incorrect and deceitful on his and Stewart’s part.

Mr. Owings stated that he knew of a law firm who send out demand letters as a means of basically extorting money from businesses, Mr. Stewart himself chimed in with his rendition of tort reform and the Trevor Group, however I thought they were in fact referring to a law firm which Mr. Owings knew personally, and that firm would have been the Law Office of Geller and Stewart, Mr. Owings attorneys of record, as well as his co-councilman Richard Stewart, as Stewart’s law firm was compared to the Trevor Law Group by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in American Products Vs. The Law Office of Geller and Stewart.

As for Mr. Owings claim that the Law Office of Johnson and Sedlack have never litigated a case before the court, he is once again is incorrect, yet he stated so as a matter of fact. Mr. Stewart who knows otherwise himself sat silent on the issue (as would be expected as this was just a move toward the assistance of Highland Fairview and its proposed World Logistics Center).

It wasn’t that long ago based on one of these letters regarding an Environment Impact Report approved by the Planning Commission of Moreno Valley, of which Mr. Owing was a member of needed to be amended and or corrected by the City due to errors found in the report by the Law Office of Johnson and Sedlack, so these letters (of which many come from other government agencies as well as Native American Tribes) are an important aspect of the EIR process and should not be taken lightly by our City Councilmember’s.

So here we go Moreno Valley, a new City Council however playing the same dirty tricks of lies and deception all aimed at one thing, the advancement of the Iddo Benzeevi agenda.

Bottom line is Mr. Owings wasted a great deal of City and developer time on December 11th, and for what, just to hear himself sound uninformed, and out of touch with the truth.

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What the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals had to say about the Law Office of Geller and Stewart:

American Products vs. Geller, Stewart and Foley

American Products vs. Geller, Stewart and Foley

To View or Download the American Products vs. Law office of Geller, Stewart and Foley in PDF format, CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “Laying the Groundwork for the World Logistics Center

  1. After tonight’s retirement/firing of the city attorney I think it’s time to either start a recall of those who voted in favor of it and have not been on the council for the last few years. That or it’s time to start getting people to sign a petition for a corruption probe from the state into our city council. There was no reason for this to happen and is pure political motivation.

  2. I love how these two new council members essentially call anyone who is opposed to construction of a warehouse as against progress and wanting to live in the Old West. It’s lovely too that the group that legally represents them as extortionists who will sue the city for any project, even without hearing from the other party’s representative first. No one on the council either seems to remember that the Sue Gilcrest often is present at public meetings to speak for the Sierra Club, even Richard Stewart who dislikes them so much. So much for non-biased council people. All the two new ones did was advocate the need for logistics and then oust the city attorney later in the evening to probably put in Michael Geller this summer.

    On the other hand, hopefully the comments made from Bill Batey, Richard White, and Robin Hastings in the Press-Enterprise will be made good on and they will complain to the Attorney General about corruption and request an investigation. Then maybe this house of cards will finally come crashing down. Then again seeing how Bill Batey was a career politician for 16 years I’m not sure it may be that credible.

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