Moreno Valley Community & Economic Development Director, Barry Foster, Once Again Uses Deceit to Promote the City’s Crooked Agenda.

During the Tuesday January 22nd meeting of the Moreno Valley City Council, Mr. Foster stated during an agenda item regarding the issuance of an Urgency Ordinance Moratorium in connection with the City’s overlay zone for specific areas in the eastern end of Moreno Valley, that the area was mostly Business Park, CommercialOffice or Commercial and that only two properties were residential.

In researching this item in advance, we have found that this statement by Mr. Foster is false.

Watch the video below to see his exact statement, and then access the provided information following that video for the truth.

This action has more to do with preventing the only project or development action which hasn’t yet been entitled in that target area, the Prologis Eucalyptus Industrial Park, who’s DEIR has been working its way through the City’s process for some time.

An attempt by Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi to derail the Ridge Property Trust’s Westridge Project failed, however with this project, they may in fact succeed.

Four of the parcels of land are located in the middle of the Stone Ridge Center, fifteen parcels of land are incorporated into the Moreno Valley Auto Mall, and one is a fire station belonging to the City of Moreno Valley. There are a few parcels north of the freeway which are designated office and commercialoffice with the remainder being that of residential R1 and R2. East of the Moreno Valley Auto Mall is the proposed location of the Prologis development on land which is currently listed as Business Park, with the land south of that being residential of R2, R5 and R15.

It is hard to see what the danger is to the public from residential development, an office complex, or even a new store front within an already existing shopping center. Is the Mall a danger as well to our health, safety and wellbeing?

These same individuals thumb their noses at the AQMD when it comes to trucking and pollution and say, so what if it is unhealthy, have you seen our unemployment rate, only 85% of our citizens are working, to hell with your pollution numbers and the clean act.

The head of it all on the City Council is Tom Owings, the same man who used these arguments against Ridge Property Trust, as did Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi and his Cell Block 6 Cheer Squad.

This video doesn’t exist

Residentially Zoned Land Parcels:

488080003 R2

488080011 R2

488080012 R2

488260011 R1

488260013 R1

488260015 R1

488260016 R1

488260019 R1

488260020 R1

488260031 R1

488260032 R1

488260034 R1

488260036 R1

488270019 R2

488270020 R2

488270021 R2

488270024 R2

488270025 R2

488300001 RA2

488300002 RA2

488310001 R1

488310002 R1

488310003 R1

488310004 R1

488320001 R1

488320002 R1

488320003 R1

488320004 R1

488320005 R1

488320006 R1

488320007 R1

488330009 RA2

488330010 RA2

488330011 R15

488330012 R5R15

488330013 R5

488330014 RA2

488330015 RA2

488330016 RA2

488330017 R5RA2

488330018 R5

488330022 R15R5

488330023 R15BPBPX *

488330024 R15

488330025 **

488330032 BPR15 * 

Number of Residential Properties = 46

*Multi Zoning: Residential, Business Park and Business Park Mixed Use.

**No Set Zoning (Parcel Size Too Small).

Commercially Zoned Properties:

488390001 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390002 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390004 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390005 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390006 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390011 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390012 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390013 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390014 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390015 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390016 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390022 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390023 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390024 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390025 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390026 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488390028 (in Moreno Valley Auto Mall)

488400004 (in Stone Ridge Shopping Center)

488400005 (in Stone Ridge Shopping Center)

488400006 (in Stone Ridge Shopping Center)

488400007 (in Stone Ridge Shopping Center)

Office Space Zoning:






















Business Park Zoned Property:

488330001 (Moreno Valley Fire Station)

Supporting documents to follow (there is a lot of it!).

Urgency Ordinance Moratorium SR 60 East Corridor Area Map

Urgency Ordinance Moratorium SR 60 East Corridor Area Map

You can use any of the following links to verify the information provided here. You will need to use the APN numbers provided above, however do not use the land designations such as R1 etc…

The Riverside County Land Information System

City of Moreno Valley GIS Online Reports

Supporting Documents Pages, Click Links Below to Access Pages:

Residentially Zoned Parcels By Parcel Number

Office Space Zoned Parcels By Parcel Number

Business Park Zoned Parcels By Parcel Number

Commercially Zoned Parcels By Parcel Number

2 thoughts on “Moreno Valley Community & Economic Development Director, Barry Foster, Once Again Uses Deceit to Promote the City’s Crooked Agenda.

  1. Now seeing the map of the specific plan it is clear this intentionally a move by Highland Fairview to block construction of the Prologis warehouse near Skechers. It’s a viable motive for this action because Highland Fairview doesn’t own any land north of the freeway and less than have of it east of Moreno Beach. Iddo Benzeevi doesn’t like the idea of another warehouse developer potentially coming in and buy land that is not owned by one of his LLCs. Since Highland Fairview and the other Trump subsidiary corporations did essentially absolutely nothing to build the Skechers distribution center and no money through this means it’s clear all Iddo Benzeevi ever does to “develop” anything is sweettalks a corporation into buying or leasing land from his and hopes it can afford to build a distribution center for them properly. Skechers fell for this in 2007 during the height of the rush for cheap land of the real estate bubble. Benzeevi knows he can’t compete with REAL warehouse developers who actually have experience doing this, not a vaguely mentioned portfolio he has never proven to exist, and knows he could lose the land he wishes he could potentially buy for the World Logistics Center someday.

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