City of Moreno Valley in Hot Water Over Cactus Avenue Improvements.

The City of Moreno Valley has gotten itself into a bit of trouble over its handling of the Cactus Avenue Widening Project, and the contaminant runoffs from Highland Fairview’s Aquabella project site.

On February 19, 2013 the City of Moreno Valley was given a notice of violation of their Construction Activities General Permit by the California Water Boards, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The City’s lack of proper controls and the following of the requirements set forth in the Construction Activities General Permit caused damage to the Moreno Valley Ranches private lake adjacent to the Aquabella project site, which resulted in the death of hundreds of fish and the lake becoming a waste-bed of soil and debris.

Click On Images Below to Read the Notice as Well as Supporting Photo’s:

The Lake After Effects:

6 thoughts on “City of Moreno Valley in Hot Water Over Cactus Avenue Improvements.

  1. So many skeletons in the “closet”….i hope people at tonights Town Hall start asking these questions and demand a real EIR, to include the EPA to come and test all the property as well. Its sickening that we will face total contamination and some people in this city need to wake up and make the council vote no, or RECALL them all.

  2. So when those heavy rains in 2012 caused flooding of the golf course pond containing fish it was because it did not require Highland Fairview to practice better flood control on its Aquabella construction site which spilled over and killed the fish? Did chemical runoff leftover from the construction site play a role or just flooding?

    • Only time will tell, but in looking at the debris in Moreno Valley Ranch Lake, one can only assume there is some form of chemical run-off as well (there was something in those drums). Soil alone in large amounts getting suspended in the water could kill off the fish, however in looking at the photo’s of the lake taken by a private citizen, I would guess more than just soil sediments.

      The question now is will Highland Fairview submit to a third party sampling of the soils within the Aqua Bella proposed site, more importantly, the area where the City is pushing for Medical usages. There has been many developments on contaminated soils which have later come back to cause cancer and other illnesses, and we need to keep in mind, this whole City was at one time a practice bombing site, as well as the Air Force Base, and back then there was little to no environmental safeguards.

    • You should see how they handled the contaminated soil at their Highland Fairview Corporate Park site, they just buried it! I can just imagine what dirty secretes lie beneath the soil at the Aqua Bella site.

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