The Further We Drift From The Truth……


3 thoughts on “The Further We Drift From The Truth……

  1. Actually Moreno Valley is pretty much doomed when it comes to reality. There is very little actual economic growth in Moreno Valley except for the expansions of logistics center and increasing poverty level businesses such as thrift stores, pawn shops, cash for gold, swap meets, and more which are blighted and generate little revenue for the city. March ARB which eventually be cut enough until it is closed and as the economy stays stagnant the school system will suffer due to lack of financial support. Crime will stay at a high level, unemployment rate will as well through near the end of the decade. Corruption is going to increase inside city hall as Iddo Benzeevi as he replaces more individuals to do what he wants such as a new city attorney and new city directors. Plus a charter city which will be greatly approved of by voters in 2014 and be used by Highland Fairview to skate passed state and county laws and regulations and build whatever it wants and get whatever financial deals and privileges it wants from city hall as well. Hoping for the better in the overall prospects of Moreno Valley is pretty much in vain. Eventually Mo Val’s going to have the aesthetics of San Bernardino and the government of Bell. What a great place to call home it shall be for those who remain.

  2. Moreno Valley needs more civic involvement for sure. How many residents are aware of the fact most of the city staff doesn’t live in Moreno Valley and that at least two of its city council members, especially the mayor doesn’t actually live in the city. Very few realize how little control actual members of this community have over their own city government.

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