We Are American Citizens and We Deserve a Government That Treats Us As Such!

Mr. Owings, We are American Citizens

3 thoughts on “We Are American Citizens and We Deserve a Government That Treats Us As Such!

  1. In his pocket Benzeevi has control over all five seats of the city council, five of the nine seats for city directors and a future appointee for city attorney come this summer, several seats on the planning commission, and county supervisor for this area. He’s seeking to establish a charter city where he can skate financial regulations, probably commit fraud and easily be able to cover it up, use huge sums of tax payer money for infrastructure improvements directed to the eastern end and even allowed on his own projects, reduced utility rates, taxes, and more to bring tenants for the buildings he wants, rezone all the land east of Redlands Boulevard to industrial for his project, keep the city from approving competing land development projects in this area so he can build, have a veto on March JPA to block the competing warehouses and a certain medical corridor that could be built on that land and if they were to build in Moreno Valley they would have to be directed eastward where he owns land, put himself in virtually all the city produced media just to flaunt his ego, etc. He may even want to drive away the residents of the former Moreno township like he once did in Edgemont and build a warehouse on that land. Lots of trouble just to try live in a fantasy about a project that despite all this doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting to ground breaking. Moreno Valley can be cleaned up as long as residents keep being vigilant and going to legal authorities because at this point, that is all that is going to purge Highland Fairview’s puppet government office. We need a city that cares about realistic job creation, not greed and pie-in-the-sky fantasies about unsustainable and unmanageable development.

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