Highland Fairview’s Aquabella Wellness Campus, is a Hotel?

Highland Fairview’s Aqua Bella Wellness Campus Sounds a lot More Like Aquabella Than a Medical Campus (so much for the medical jobs promise).

Post Highland Fairview 

By: Highland Fairview 11/06/2011

Real estate development company Highland Fairview is playing a major role in changing the landscape of the Southern California health care industry. The company is currently collaborating with a number of major partners in the creation of a new, $4.2 billion medical campus in Rancho Belago also known as the eastern portion of the Moreno Valley.

Highland Fairview intends the campus to revolutionize the way patients are treated, not only by utilizing state-of-the art technology, but also by embracing a different approach to health care. Instead of only focusing on treating patients’ afflictions, the medical campus aims to create an environment where overall wellness is valued. According to Highland Fairview Chief Executive Officer Iddo Benzeevi, the project is “focused on managing the overall health of individuals and families over a lifetime.”

To achieve this goal, a private-public consortium was put together which includes Highland Fairview, Kaiser Permanente, Riverside County Regional Medical Center, University of California, Riverside Medical School, the Riverside Allied Health College and the city of Moreno Valley. The City of Moreno Valley is now investing $75 million to support the development of the 200 acres medical campus. The campus will be designed to mimic a resort community instead of a hospital. Plans include restaurants, retail shops, fitness facilities, and community entertainment venues, with man-made lakes adding natural features to the development. Notably, Highland Fairview also intends for the construction of a medical hotel for patients that do not need acute care, but rather a comfortable haven with proximity to hospitals.

Highland Fairview is also involved with the transformation of Moreno Valley through the development of the Highland Fairview Corporate Park, a 40 million square feet business park, one of the largest in the nation. The project has begun with the completion of the first building 1.8 million square feet building which will house Skechers North American operations center. This logistics center is another progressive development for the company that will bring over 2,000 permanent jobs to the area. Not only will the facility contain an advanced robotics and automated system, but it is also designed with environmental concerns in mind. It will be the largest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified building of its kind within the United States. The global footwear manufacturer Skechers has signed a 20-year, $240,000,000 lease that will be its North American distribution headquarters.

This is not what the people of Moreno Valley have been hearing over the past few years, these are not medical jobs, but busboys, waiters and waitresses, retail employees, hotel staff and maintenance jobs.

Even Mayor Owings has admitted, Iddo Benzeevi can’t be trusted with the truth (March 19, 2013.  Owings said this in response to plans for the Nason Street punch through to Iris Ave., where city staff told him the plans cost around $200,000.00. “Well I bet if you asked Iddo, it would be more like $6 million”).

3 thoughts on “Highland Fairview’s Aquabella Wellness Campus, is a Hotel?

  1. It should go to show that the hypothetical use of money towards extending Nason Street to Iris Avenue in support of Highland Fairview’s fairy tale plans to develop a medical corridor which has never been planned is just an example of greater things to come if Rancho Belago signs and eventually paying for the extension of Eucalpytus Avenue near the Skechers distribution center aren’t already. The new revenue measure discussed by the city council at its study session this week will be another ploy to raise tax payer money and which a great deal of will make its way eventually for road improvements in the eastern area to improve and widen the rural roads there such as Alessandro Boulevard, Theodore Street, and parts of Redlands Boulevard to be excused as also helping bring in the World Logistics Center for Highland Fairview to build there as well. Tax payer money is going to continue to be spent on infrastructure in anticipation of more fantasy Highland Fairview projects if the city council is not stopped. If there is a charter city in Moreno Valley in the future this trend can legally continue in massive amounts and as they do it city officials already in line with campaign funds from Iddo Benzeevi’s many sources will increase their pay and benefits as incentive to get more individuals legally bribed and allied with the vision Highland Fairview has for the community and to reward themselves for their hard work. It could easily become a situation like the city council of Bell was convicted of yesterday on numerous felony charges of corruption. Do not give the city of Moreno Valley any more dimes of your hard earned money to spend on Iddo Benzeevi’s infrastructure or pay raises for themselves.

    • The issue of the City in financial trouble and the threats of cutting police and fire were used in 2008 as a means to promote the Skechers facility. We were told that it too was needed to prevent the City from going under, as well as our loss of police and fire services could be maintained and even increased if it were built, hell the City was going to have extra cash if it were built.

      Same old shit, deferent development.

  2. He’ll have plenty of business to care for people for the rest of their life after he puts in the World Logistics Center and creates untold amounts of smog and haze with it. And no business when the sky is raining soot into their martini glasses down at the pool.

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