Warehousing and Distribution Equals the Death of American Production Jobs

Moreno Valley’s City Manager is correct when he claims that America has seen a virtual end of production jobs as a result of the new “global economy,” however he is wrong when he claims those productions jobs will never return.

American corporations in seeking lax tax laws, lower environmental standards and wages at a fraction of those here in the United States, have chosen to move their production activities overseas, where they can take full advantage of the economic differences between the U.S. and its overseas counterparts.

These corporations are no longer in the business of manufacturing, but in subcontracting their businesses to counties in Asia, Central and South America, Mexico and even Eastern Europe. This trend has all but wiped-out the American middle-class, and the American production workers, leading to massive unemployment rates, low to almost non-existent local tax bases and an overabundance of citizens in the U.S. on one form or another of government assistance. This trend however can be stopped, even reversed.

There is only one thing in the United States which makes it possible for American corporations to take advantage of the overseas manufacturing trend which is hurting the American worker, and the nation as a whole, it the ability to ship products made outside the country into the United States, store them and distribute them to the American consumer.

If the citizens of this nation, and their elected officials would simply stop approving these vast warehouses on our soil, these American corporations would face a sink or swim situation, which would force them to either manufacture here at home, or simply go out of business.

It as simple as treating an alcoholic, hell bent on getting drunk. You would best serve them by not driving them to the local bar, as this would just be enable them to continue down their destructive road, one which will cost them a job, family, friends and even the life of an innocent person or themselves.

The American corporations have become those alcoholics, however they are getting drunk on money, and the money they can make by producing their products with subcontractors outside the United States, and shipping the finished goods back home at an overly inflated retail price for us the citizens to buy, all the while this trend is costing us our jobs.

Yes, these warehouses will create a few jobs for our citizens, but near as many as we could have if we were the ones producing these goods here at home, so for every company who shifts to overseas production, and ever warehouse we allow to be developed for their need to get their product back here to its market, we are cutting our own financial throats.

This new global economy is based on a theory that in fact raises the economy of other nations, while lowering the economy of the United States, in hopes of at some point we will all be on an equal playing field financially. In short, their life style increases ours decreases.

As this trend continues, America will forever lose its title as one of the world’s greatest industrial nations, to one of the world’s poorest consumer nations.

It’s time to say enough is enough, put Americans back to work by bring our jobs back home.

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