Highland Fairview and Moreno Valley’s own Iddo Benzeevi Design on a Dime Once Again, This Time in Banning California.

As you will clearly see from the images below taken from the documents to be used on March 26th, 2013 before the City of Banning’s City Council for possible approval to give Highland Fairview exclusive rights to develop Banning’s airport, Highland Fairview (mostly its CEO Iddo Benzeevi) have once again just recycled old drawings to show their ideas for the Banning airport.

The project will be known as the Morongo Intermodal Center, however as you will see, it looks identical to Moreno Valley’s proposed World Logistics Center.

Highland Fairview has done this in the past, with their Aquabella Wellness Campus drawings and videos, which depicted many buildings and areas of Los Vegas such as the Bellagio Hotel etc…

Nothing new in the deception department for Iddo Benzeevi, who during his bid for approval of Highland Fairview’s Corporate Park project, constantly referred to Skechers USA as a fortune 500  company, when in fact they have never even been in the fortune 1000 list, but who has may surprise you, how about the Family Dollar Store.

Mr. Benzeevi even had members of his cheer squad chanting the same thing as well as members of the City Council, however when confronted with the facts, they simply responded with, “so what.”

Well citizens of Banning, do you really want a “so what,” when dealing with your City’s future?

Do you really want to deal with a man and a company who right out of the gate has mislead your City Council on what they have and haven’t developed, or providing documents in support of their ideas and qualifications which as simply rehashed concepts from a neighboring city?

This is not the way for Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi to do business, however it is the ONLY way they know how, after all it has worked for them so well here in Moreno Valley, and look, all the prosperity they were going to bring us, but yet our unemployment remains the same (high), and we are facing a $6 million deficit, so much for their bullshit.


For those interested in Highland Fairview’s last design, The Aquabella Wellness Campus, here is the old video:

This video doesn’t exist

9 thoughts on “Highland Fairview and Moreno Valley’s own Iddo Benzeevi Design on a Dime Once Again, This Time in Banning California.

  1. I agree MVGORDIE, people all over need to be aware of this man. He is like a locus. They need to be warned about him and also need to know the facts!….they are a city that is hurting too, and yes, maybe he will choose to leave moval, but i dont want to see him in another city and do this same thing.

  2. Well given the fact that the Banning city council approved the agreement to develop their municipal airport with Benzeevi, it’s likely Highland Fairview is going to draw its focus away from eastern Moreno Valley now and focus on developing plans for the Pass instead. So much more works for that area including a smaller development project, Interstate 10 can fit the truck traffic, the Banning Pass can move the air pollution out towards the desert, there is an air and rail infrastructure right nearby, a blue collar work force nearby, few residents who live nearby that will complain about the construction, no environmentally sensitive areas or significant residential areas to compete with the legality of the project, no need to purchase thousands of acres of land to begin work, there is no competition from other warehouse developers in that area to garner resources away from his projects, a town with a smaller population that will be easier to pay off, and more things that actually do well to favor this project in the long run. I can see Benzeevi phasing out his interest in Moreno Valley now and moving on to Banning instead to develop another one of his logistics pipe dreams. So why is Deanna Reeder and the CEQA group still having a meeting in April to petition against the project? Iddo has no more chops for Mo Val.

    • Some of what you state here I find very well set in thought, however there are areas in which we may disagree.

      What Banning approved tonight was to give the exclusive rights to Fairview Holdings (a Iddo Benzeevi held company) to develop a plan for Banning’s existing airport, that agreement will last for two years, however it doesn’t contract the City to any development as of yet.

      Banning took the right steps in changing one part of the language to state that the City “shall” benefit from the planed development, instead of the word “may.” Such a move makes a tighter agreement between the City and Benzeevi, a necessary element when dealing with Benzeevi and Highland Fairview.

      As for Highland Fairview’s Moreno Valley interest, they are still well alive, and will only need a few elements to survive. It will need to first get the approval of the City of Moreno Valley along with its specific plan, which will lock that area into the usage of Light and heavy warehousing and distribution facility’s, as well as eliminate any future need for additional environment impact reports. After that the second thing HF will need is a tenant or investor willing to pay to have a project developed within that area (which may not be that hard to find).

      As for Deanna Reeder, these meetings are not hers, but are being held on behalf of the Sierra Club and another local organization. These meeting are important in an effort to keep the public informed and active on this issue.

      • Highland Fairview may still be interested in getting all of the land east of Redlands Boulevard to be an industrial zoning and then get something like a 20 year development agreement with the city had for Moreno Highlands to build the World Logistics Center which will never materialize as the housing development never did either. That way Benzeevi will have some security if the development planning in Banning doesn’t work out. Benzeevi will never find a tenant because it doesn’t have the capital or the ability to get financing for another warehouse especially after all of the unpaid mechanical liens on the Skechers building. Plus there isn’t much demand for logistics in Moreno Valley as might be thought or enough incentive to prevent construction in other locations such as Perris, San Bernardino, Hesperia, and others where the leases might go. No new warehouse projects with new tenants have actually been constructed since before the recession with the exception of Skechers. Even the Fresh and Easy distribution center and stores will be closing its doors in the very near future. So much for the economic development strategy the city wishes to complete.

  3. They say immitation is the highest form of compliment…. Banning has had plenty of time to see what has happened to MV. The residents are in the same place we were 10 years ago. They need help, too.

  4. Why keeping warning the citizens of Banning about Iddo Benzeevi? Maybe it means the snake is finally seeing that he can’t control Moreno Valley as much as he thought he could and will move all of his attention away from the city to another for at least a couple of years, hopefully for good. Let him go scam some other town for a change.

    • This blog is about the people, and being aware of what’s going on around them. What Banning does is their problem, but it doesn’t mean I can just sit back and not give them a hint as to who Benzeevi is.

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