More Information on The Skechers Moreno Valley Distribution Center’s Jobs Numbers

As we previously stated here in the post titled “Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi, on Jobs at the Skechers Facility, and Additional High-Cube Warehouses,” the total jobs numbers at that facility are around 300 in total.

Moreno Valley activist Deanna Reeder on March 26th, 2013 made the same jobs numbers claim as did In light of these revelations in factual numbers, we have decided to provide you with sources as well as the actual documents, and articles for which this information was obtained by

First is a systems report by Senior Vice President of Skechers Global Distribution, Mr. Paul Galliher (Note, pay good attention to the date of this report, as it will also clarify who was claiming this project was LEED’s certified one year prior to its actual certification, and it wasn’t who Mayor Owings claimed, nor was it a simple misstatement of Moreno Valley Cit Staff in any video or in any public statement):

Click Images to Enlarge

For a downloadable version of the report in PDF format, CLICK HERE

Now a look at the company who designed and installed the automation systems in the distribution center itself. The company is Wynright Inc. (Note, again look at the date of this study, and the use of the term LEED’s certified):

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For a downloadable version of this Material Handling Case Study, by Wynright Inc., in PDF format,CLICK HERE.

Here is a look at an article which uses both the above report and study; it is titled “Skechers tones up distribution center” (again check out the date).

Click Images to Enlarge

For a downloadable version in PDF format, CLICK HERE.

This issue is NOT about development or warehouses; it’s about government out of control. When your local government freely lies to its electorate to the benefit of a single individual or business entity, it no longer properly represents those it has been elected to serve.

When citizens stand up and demand honest government, free from the undue influences of business entities and paid for special interests groups, they should not be met by a government which in turn attacks them at every corner.

In a City like Moreno Valley, with nearly 200,000 citizens, it’s a shame that it can be controlled by one single individual (Iddo Benzeevi) and a small handful of uneducated, self-centered, bigoted individuals the likes of the United Democrats of Moreno Valley, The Mexican Political Association and the Baca Family.

Regardless of how you stand on any development issue, what should be of the utmost importance is doing things the right and honest way, however in Moreno Valley we have lost any resemblance of any such integrity under our past and current government officials.

If our elected officials and their “preferred developer,” need to lie and mislead the public to push one person’s agenda over the rights and desires of a whole city, we are doomed as a republic.

Unfortunately in Moreno Valley, the citizens have long lost their control over its city government, and with the possibility of a city charter in the making, thing will just get worse, unless the voting public demands and seeks change through the ballot box.

3 thoughts on “More Information on The Skechers Moreno Valley Distribution Center’s Jobs Numbers

  1. I don’t see Moreno Valley as really doomed because of Highland Fairview. Benzeevi will eventually get his charter city come the middle of 2014 and will use money in the treasury to build his infrastructure improvements in the eastern end, elect candidates to universally support him over and over again in local elections, get the development contract with the rest of the eastern area he wants for logistics and industry, no further environmental studies of that area, blocks all other potential rivals from competing against him there, raises benefits and pay of city officials as incentive to do what he wishes, eases the red tape on approving projects in that area, uses lowered fees and taxes to attract businesses to negotiate with him, and more. None of this is going to get him anywhere. Lawsuits from various sources are going to fly in every direction and the state isn’t just going to turn the other way to increased pollution near one of its most environmentally sensitive areas just because there is a charter city. Remember they want to keep down the declining revenue from places like Lake Perris from going down any further due to Benzeevi’s smog in this budget climate and to protect the sensitive wildlife as well. Either lack of economic demand for large scale logistics or a major legal (or criminal) constraint are going to be the noose that finally hangs Highland Fairview, not the ignorant residents of Moreno Valley who mostly could care less about who runs their city. Money makes the world go round and also hearts stop when there’s none flowing through the bloodstream. Benzeevi will be stopped and Moreno Valley’s government will continue to look the fool for it for years to come because they allowed it.

  2. Well Iddo Benzeevi and Tom Owings don’t seem to care after she made her comments with a publication as proof tonight they still had one of their secret meetings at Chili’s in the Stoneridge Town Center to talk something Shady. They will continue to perpetuate the same story no matter what facts they debunk from Highland Fairview’s development.

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