The Highland Fairview World Logistics Center Team, Who are They and How are They Involved?

Here is a list of those which the City of Moreno Valley as well as Highland Fairview report as their team members to promote and support the World Logistics Center:

Balfour Beatty Parson Brinkerhoff (engineering and design firm)

CH2MHILL (design firm)

SWA Group (planning firm)

Leighton and Associates (also known as the Leighton Group, a geotechnical company – they did the artist renderings of the World Logistics Center)

Michael Brandman and Associates (also known as FirstCarbon Solutions, a subsidiary of Michael Brandman and Associates. Also is a contributor in the generation of the Draft Environmental Report (DEIR) for the World Logistics Center, as well as Highland Fairview Corporate Park Project)

Rutan and Tucker (an Orange County based Law Firm, who has also contributed to Moreno Valley city council campaigns, such as Councilman/Mayor Tom Owings)

Baker and Hostetler (a Los Angeles based law firm, who represents Highland Fairview, and also contributed to our local city council candidates in the 2012 election)

You might ask how can an DEIR or EIR be done by an unbiased third party, when the firm who did the study, created the report and will answer all responses of concern and or support of the project, is considered by Highland Fairview and the City of Moreno Valley a part of that development team?

Of course the video below would make SWA group sound like some prestigious planning company, well maybe they are, if it’s landscaping you’re looking for, as that is the business they are in.

I have also included a few California Form 460’s for your viewing;  you will see that not only did some candidates receive money from at least two of these team members, but have also received monies from those involved in the development of the Skechers building (including Skechers themselves), but one in particular is an interesting contributor, as they are a public relations firm which specializes in controversial real-estate developments,  one of the stated areas is in dealing with “NIMBY’S.”

You might ask why a company like that would contribute to a local council campaign, when they themselves are from Santa Barbra California. Could it be because there is a big development project coming here that will not be well received by the public?

The company is Davies Public Affairs, and here is a little snippet of what they claim they can do for their clients:

“By applying precise implementation of thoughtful and innovative strategies, compelling messages and timely, flawless execution, Davies is able to influence public perception. “

“John Davies has a background steeped in strategic marketing, communications and public relations essential to organizational success of large and small corporations. Regarded as a thought leader and innovator in public affairs, John understands the business of persuasion and is constantly searching for trends and methods to utilize on behalf of the firms’ clients. He applies his lifelong study of human behavior and effective communications strategies to earn attention and gain influence on the decision-making process of today’s information-saturated society.”

“Davies is the national public affairs firm of choice for motivated clients who need to win high stakes matters, the toughest crises, and the most difficult regulatory problems.”

“Davies creates messages that motivate individuals to stand up, speak out, and take action, influencing regulatory, permitting, and political challenges at all levels. Davies track record of helping clients face complicated environmental issues is unsurpassed.”

“From traditional outreach to highly structured online campaigns, Davies builds and implements integrated grassroots programs to gain (or divert) the attention necessary to favorably shape public opinion and build genuine support for their clients’ projects. Davies uses authentic programs to win approvals for any controversial project from natural resources extraction and mining, real estate developments facing tough NIMBY opposition. We believe that nothing is too complicated, too political, too controversial, or too tough.”

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Also from Davies Public Affairs: Davies turned more than 500 issues into non-events ­ often transforming them into opportunities.”  This is an interesting statement, as Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings used the almost exact statement on March 27th, 2013 during the City’s Charter Committee meeting, where Mr. Owings stated this,problems can be turned into opportunities.”

This video doesn’t exist

One thought on “The Highland Fairview World Logistics Center Team, Who are They and How are They Involved?

  1. None of these entities have ever been involved with Highland Fairview’s projects and never will. He went through a list of names he desired to work with and put him in this city produced commercial for his construction project. I’m not worried about this kind of thing anymore if the residents of Moreno Valley decide to keep believing everything that Highland Fairview advertises then they deserve the corruption and neglect to their city that is going to thrive under a charter city and I will by then be in another community long gone laughing at the fact I left behind this laughing stock of city years ago.

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