Iddo Benzeevi of Highland Fairview Claims His Project Will Bring 40,000 Truck Trips Per Day (Hear it here, only at

4 thoughts on “Iddo Benzeevi of Highland Fairview Claims His Project Will Bring 40,000 Truck Trips Per Day (Hear it here, only at

  1. Maybe we should question what his real intentions are with these warehouses. I know on a previous post that you had on here, some of the companies are Russian based. With the recent terrorist attack, that has ties to Russia, what is Iddo’s true intentions and also why so close to a military installation?

  2. I ask myself all the time why can’t Moreno Valley have relatively normal land developers and elected officials that won’t dream of megalomania in terms of their project but instead just do a few projects at a time, earn the gradual trust and respect of the public, and then if they want to do a project on scale of the World Logistics Center, do it slowly over time and allow the community to adapt and adjust as it gets bigger and bigger each time.

  3. Amazing…Why does it seem that so many of Moreno Valley “leaders”, including Benzeevi, suffer these illusions of grandeur…just like Rios. What a pathetic lot! Thank you for doing what you do! If only more citizens were aware of the fraud that continues to be perpetuated on this fair city…. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me/us.

  4. Such delusional planning. There will never be remotely 40,000 trucks coming from anything Benzeevi builds and there will never be a World Logistics Center either. He’s been smoking the same pipe with fantasy numbers of 20,000 jobs, 41 million square feet, warehouses, etc. since he started talking about the Moreno International Trade Center in the late 1980s. Benzeevi has never built a single project of this magnitude in his “career” as a land developer and never will. He’ll keep flapping his gums about these ridiculous and unrealistic promises until he stops getting local yokel politicians to flocking over him and getting his name in the paper as part of the ego boost he clearly needs to give himself every year by trying to make himself sound more successful than he actually has ever been.

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