Search Warrants Served Throughout Moreno Valley

Investigators from Federal, State and Local agencies have served a number of search warrants within the City of Moreno Valley upon the residences of Jerome (Jerry) P. Stephens, Mayor Tom Owings, Councilmember’s Richard Stewart and Victoria Baca, Jessie Molina and Marcelo Co, also warrants were served on Iddo Benzeevi and the offices of Highland Fairview and others.

Stephens Home in Moreno Valley with agents vehiccles in driveway

Stephens Home in Moreno Valley with agents vehicles in driveway

Agent outside the Moreno Beach entrance to the home of Jerry Stephens

Agent outside the Moreno Beach entrance to the home of Jerry Stephens received the tip of the action taking place at the residence of Jerry Stephens and promptly went to the area and obtained these photos at around 9:00 a.m. April 30, 2013.

9 thoughts on “Search Warrants Served Throughout Moreno Valley

  1. Glad to see that finally there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for our city! This group of crooks have fleeced our city for too long and it is time for the curtains to be swept away…

    • Marcelo Co’s home on Atwood Ave., as in fact searched at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning by members of the Inland Empire Joint Task force. This information is from more than one credible source.

  2. Charges for influence peddling, fraud, money laundering, perjury, making an illegal campaign contribution on behalf of someone else, campaign fraud, conspiracy, tax fraud and evasion, financial fraud, voter fraud are most likely the charges that are going to be brought up for prosecution once arrests are made. They may also bring forth evidence of bribery and graft to some extend as well depending on how deep Iddo Benzeevi and Jerome Stephen’s financial influence in the city. Several nice felony charges which if they are convicted will get them at least the sentencing as what happened to the city council candidates and developer in San Jacinto.

    • What is your source of information, as Marcelo Co has more than one residence, one on Saddlebrook Ln., and two on Atwood Ave.?

      From the Press Enterprise:”Federal and local agents served search warrants throughout in Moreno Valley on Tuesday morning, April 30, raiding the homes of all five City Council members, a businessman with close political connections and the corporate offices of development company Highland Fairview.”

      I have not personally confirmed his yet, but am in the process of that, but until then, unless you have some form of proof to the contrary as to what the Press Enterprise has stated, his name will stand.

  3. Benzeevi is too smart to be caught with anything. Stewart is a lawyer and isn’t going to leave a trail that would incriminate him. Owings is a car salesman, he lies for a living. Molina, Baca, and Co are ignorant and could possibly hold the evidence in their possession to bring them all down. Let’s just hope for the betterment of our city that justice prevails and that evidence found leads to a court conviction and removal from the Council.

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