Moreno Valley City Manager Announces Retirement Amid City Corruption Scandal

Mayor Tom Owings and  City Manager Henry Garcia

Mayor Tom Owings and
City Manager Henry Garcia

Moreno Valley City Manager Henry Garcia one of the believed kingpins in the City’s ongoing political corruption investigation, has resigned from his office by announcing in closed session tonight May 14th, 2013 that he will retire affective December 1st, of 2013.

Mr. Garcia will continue offering consulting services to the City until that that. In another move, it was also announced he would be embarking on a vacation which some have speculated could be a lengthy one  which may put him out of reach of any investigative agencies for a time, if that is the case, it may be time for the Feds to move on revoking his passport.

The timing of the resignation is suspect at best given all the recent events within the City.

7 thoughts on “Moreno Valley City Manager Announces Retirement Amid City Corruption Scandal

  1. His resignation was predictable because dismissing him like they did the city attorney would make him an enemy of theirs, something that the council and Benzeevi can’t afford right now. They decided to give him a plush good bye so as not to speak against them in front of a grand jury.

    I actually saw this coming for some time but I thought that it would occur quietly after public came from an indictment of the city council. In the coming months DeSantis and the other individual Garcia knew from Rialto who was hired in October 2011 will disappear quietly too because they were also in cooperation with Benzeevi’s agenda. They will probably leave on their own accord though. The council might get indicted, convicted, and sentenced to some sort of criminal charges as would be Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens, but their sentences will be light, quickly forgotten, and the city staff and planning commissioners like Meli Van Natta that helped them will slip away without any penalty. This is how Moreno Valley works. Highland Fairview may dissolve but about three dozen other Benzeevi owned LLCs exist and could simply replace the name. Not much justice is going to come out of this situation, but pending conviction and indictment there will be at least clean city leadership in Moreno Valley for at least a little while to come as well. At least until the next land bubble which is already slowly on the rise in certain parts of the country already. But unless another neoconservative like Bush or Reagan gets into office the growth will be mild and not as crazy like it was in the 1980s and 2000s.


      Boy was I not right in saying more resignations were going to come after this one? Tom DeSantis and others may not be first, but Barry Foster for many years has spoken at public presentations endorsing Benzeevi’s medical project and the World Logistics Center because and he has helped Highland Fairview rush through the Skechers distribution center when Iddo’s projects weren’t up to code or he didn’t feel out any paperwork with the city properly. He is among the city directors who have given into the financial or political influence of Iddo Benzeevi to help do his bidding. Though I don’t see him greedy like individuals such as Michael Geller, Henry Garcia, or Tom Owings. Benzeevi probably pressured him to leave through his chain to get rid of more potential eyewitnesses to a corrupt influence in the city or he is doing it because he sees Benzeevi as blocked into a corner with this probe and is willing to leave it now.

  2. So I imagine Mr. Garcia may be taking an extended trip to Israel or elsewhere out of Federal reach soon here, perhaps on the dime of Iddo Benzeevi. Even if he does he will be caught up with eventually.

    Boy to go through this process may mean those conspiring with Benzeevi are really in fear of jail time. Something heavy must have been going on behind closed doors if he potentially leaves the country or state.

  3. I heard the same thing, that he will be leaving the country and possibly to Israel. He needs his passport revoked and also if he will be offering consulting services, how much money will that be to the tax payers? All of this was planned at the walmart meeting recently, which I do not know why they didn’t meet at the haunted mansion on the hill(they are so stupid). It needs to be investigated if Garcia received any money’s from the usual suspects.

  4. So is he on paid leave until December? Will he be paid additionally for his consultation services, if so, how much money will he be paid? Then he still gets to add into PERS if he is on paid leave and that accrues more retirement for him on our dollars. Sweet deal for him. Maybe the post about him going on a long vacation to a foreign land were correct?

    • I got that in an email from another concerned citizen. I cannot say it is fact, but you know people here hear a lot. I would not doubt that he is, and the FBI, needs to watch him and also watch where he banks his money. Also, who agreed to this December crap and why? Technically, if so, “we tax” payers are still paying him. The State needs to look into this too, and investigate fraud, waste and abuse. This needs to go to the attorney general and other agency’s.

      • This could have been the City’s way of letting him go without cause, which could have cost more in the long run (only time will tell when the details come out). The deal if made is most likely legal, we may not like it, but unless there is proof to the contrary, it is a-okay.

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