Moreno Valley City-Manager Henry Garcia’s Settlement Agreement

I Love You Man!

I Love You Man!


For a copy of the agreement in downloadable PDF format, CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Moreno Valley City-Manager Henry Garcia’s Settlement Agreement

  1. Well there is a good chance that the city council and Iddo Benzeevi will be indicted in the near future. Chances are there will be enough evidence to convict several of them at least for criminal charges related to corruption. Highland Fairview may dissolve after this circus finally comes to an end, but really it doesn’t matter even if Benzeevi got any time for a potential conviction, he still owns hundreds of acres of land in the eastern end and the public has a short term memory of who runs for office and builds in Moreno Valley. Any potential corruption charges for these individual will be minor and be a slap on the hand. Benzeevi will probably remain low for a few years after until the real estate market returns and then he will return to try more fictional development again with more unrealistic projects. By then though Benzeevi might be too old to continue this type of endeavor given he is already 51. There will be new politicians in office by then not aware of Iddo’s shady past as Tom Owings and others are clearly oblivious of now and will be willing to accept campaign donations from him to support his development and leadership influence and a voting population without much knowledge of who the developer is. Benzeevi and those supporting him now may get indicted removed from office and be prosecuted and convicted of criminal charges, but you can count on one day a few years later Benzeevi will return to try and develop the land he owns on the eastern once again. Given there will probably be another moderate housing boom in the coming decade again when the real estate market has healed from the Great Recession, he will probably eventually get what he wants because most of the available land to construct is on the eastern end, much of which Benzeevi owns which even if its not warehouses that are placed in Rancho Belago something will probably eventually make Iddo significantly prosperous before he retires. It may have taken him 30-50 years to have achieved some successful development on his land, but chances are Benzeevi will make something happen for him in the future unless someone buys the land from him in the future. If the residents of Moreno Valley want to prevent someone like Benzeevi from taking over their city again they will have to be continuously vigilant of their elected officials and their campaign support for generations to come. Keeping local democracy is a constant battle and it will take open eyes to prevent real estate special interests from running politics in the city, at least until the city reaches build out and can be a matured community someday in the decades to come.

  2. What the real shame is that even if the city manager resigns and vanishes from the public spotlight and doesn’t work more than half the rest of the year he still gets his full pay through salary and benefits for nothing. At least while he was working for the city he actually was doing something productive now he’s just getting his everything he would’ve gotten for free, including a possible vacation to Israel at the request of Iddo Benzeev.

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