Moreno Valley Has a Balanced Budget, Well Maybe for a Month

Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings

Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings

The City of Moreno Valley voted unanimously on the City’s budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal budget, of which shows an “estimated” surplus of approximately one million dollars, however that black colored ink may soon change to red.Although being in the black may sound good, and that is all the people will see until the next budget cycle is this black, thing are still subject to change as thing which are not under the control of the City may quickly deplete any such surplus of cash the City expects to have.

Here is one such item which was not included and accounted for in this so called balanced budget, the City has yet voted approve on the new contract with the Moreno Valley City Employees Association, which will do away with reduced furlough days, give a pay raises and lower employee medical costs, these changes will be equal to or over the amount the City now claims will be a surplus in general fund revenues and place the City back into the red by the end of July 2013.  

All this was negotiated by our City Mayor Tom Owings and the City’s Human Resources Director, however such labor negotiations belonged to the acting City Manager Henry Garcia.

To view the tentative agreement in PDF format, CLICK HERE

To visit the MVCEA website CLICK HERE

FROM MVCEA:      May 20, 2013

Pursuant to this provision in the MOU, MVCEA reopened negotiations with the City on all subjects.  At the same time the MVCEA Political Action Committee had opened up lines of communication with the Mayor in January 2013.  After several meetings the Mayor raised the issue of the furloughs, layoffs, and the MVCEA proposals under our reopener.  A series of discussions took place and the parties exchanged proposals and ideas on working conditions and compensation for FY 2013/14.  The Mayor brought the Human Resources Director into the process and after numerous exchanges City representatives made their last, best and final offer.  As has been the practice of MVCEA since 1991 that offer is presented to the MVCEA membership.  The offer must be approved by a vote of the MVCEA membership and then adopted by the City Council for the process to be complete.  The MVCEA membership voted 105 to 50 to ratify the agreement.

The offer ratified by the MVCEA membership is the best offer the City made to MVCEA.  Given the financial resources available the City Council wanted to restore work hours, give a pay raise, and keep medical insurance affordable, especially for families who already must pay a portion of the insurance premium in addition to the City’s contribution. 

Since 1991 the MVCEA membership decides to accept or reject the City’s offer, not the MVCEA Board.  While employees in other jurisdictions continue to receive no increases or economic relief this year, MVCEA has accomplished the near impossible by cutting the furloughs and putting additional money in your pocket to help with the rising cost of living.  The acceptance of this package is and will remain a decision of the membership, not the MVCEA Board.  Many issues and some details remain and MVCEA will continue its discussions with the Mayor and management to obtain adjustments where possible.

APRIL 24, 2013

As a result of the November 2012 City Council election, two incumbent City Council members who had been supportive of City employees in the past were no longer on the City Council.  Essentially, the MVCEA political action program had to start from scratch establishing relationships and new lines of communication with the entire City Council.  As part of that process the MVCEA PAC Committee reached out to the newly elected officials and began meeting with the new Mayor, Tom Owings.

MVCEA representatives were able to emphasize to Mayor Owings the sacrifices our members have made during the recession, and we endured cuts and made concessions that were far beyond the cuts implemented for police, fire and management.  As a result (at least in part) of our discussions with the Mayor we will now see budget balancing through cuts in management positions, reductions in non-patrol police positions, and the closing of unnecessary fire stations.  This approach will redirect revenue to begin restoring the compensation, jobs and service cuts that impacted MVCEA members over the last four years.

One thought on “Moreno Valley Has a Balanced Budget, Well Maybe for a Month

  1. While Tom Owings and the rest of the city council spend tax payer money to cover their ass from being ratted out about backroom deals with Iddo Benzeevi by city employees more jobs of public servants are being canned and will bring a significant backlash with it in the form of public opinion. Either way I think either be indictment by the Federal government or recall by popular vote the city council is doomed.

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