Who Really Supported Moreno Valley Unified School District Trustee Mike Rios?

Time and time again it has been stated that certain individuals were supports of the now convicted pimp Mike Rios was supported by those who oppose the Mayor as well as the World Logistics Center, however that is not the case.

These statements have come from supporters of the Mayor, such as Louise Palomarez, her husband Robert, the Mayor himself and some members of the City Council, it has even been stated by Mayor Owings private attorney Michael Geller on the internet, however their statements couldn’t be further from the truth (but it isn’t like these individuals ever tell the truth in the first place).

I will however admit that from December of 2008 until August of 2009, I did assist Mr. Rios in his dealings with the City, however at no time did I support his run for City Council, or upon the board of trustees with the MVUSD, in fact I fought against it right here on this blog.

In 2009 when Mr. Rios informed me that he had met with developer Iddo Benzeevi, Realtor Jerry Stephens and attorney Michael Geller in seeking their support for a run for the City Council, and that they had agreed to offer him their support in exchange for illegal favors, I severed my relationship with Mike Rios on the spot. However I did work to expose this new relationship he had formed which was to pay him a hefty monthly stipend, by agreeing to have one of my daughters seek a rental home in district 4 of which Mike could use as a qualifying residence to run from in the 2010 election. In doing so however I needed to something in writing which I did, a contract with Mr. Rios to loan money towards the move in costs in which it clearly stated his reasons for the loan (to use the home as the necessary residence to run for election in the 4th city council district), the of which only one payment towards was ever made (to show both parties acted upon the contract).

Mr. Rios was never place upon the lease, nor was he ever going to be allowed to use the home as he had hoped; therefore Mr. Rios was stuck with a run for an office which he could qualify for, the school board.

I then launched a complete investigation in Mr. Rios, as in the past he had made statements of which he refused to offer me proof of, including if Mike Rios was even his true legal name. During this investigation I found his true name to be Luis Miguel Rios, and not Mike Luis Rios. In additions I found several arrests for felony crimes of violence as well as in investigation report into allegations (which were found to be true by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services) of abuse of his five year old daughter.

This information was quickly placed into the public arena by me in an attempt to warn the public about the true Mike Rios, and to hopefully prevent his election from being a success, however even in light of this information, Michael Geller, Iddo Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens stood by his side and offered their support for his 2010 election run for a position upon the Moreno Valley Unified School Board.

These individuals, through the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association contributed to Mr. Rios campaign as well.

In February of 2010, Mr. Rios along with Iddo Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens attended together a meeting of the MVUSD board, at which Mr. Rios explained how he had been led astray by the anti-warehouse crowed, and how the extorted money from a good man who was out to improve Moreno Valley (a complete 180 degree turn if you had been following Mr. Rios prior to this). That was not the last time Mike Rios would attend a meeting of a governmental body along with Benzeevi and Stephens, Mr. Rios reappeared along with the two at a meeting of the Moreno Valley city council, where Mr. Rios spoke in opposition of Ridge Property Trust’s, Westridge project, a project which Benzeevi had been trying to stop, and was successful with the planning commission of which was made up almost entirely of associates, ex-employees and or business associates of Michael Geller and Jerry Stephens. 

During the swearing in ceremony for Mr. Rios onto the MVUSD board, the seats which were save for his family were filled by once again, Michael Geller, Iddo Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens.

During the debate over the desire of the MVUSD to require fingerprinting and back ground checks of those who were elected to office with the MVUSD board of trustees, I attended in support of the measure, and when I spoke I did so using the questionable past of Mr. Rios and how there were too many unanswered questions that needed to be answered.  After I spoke I was followed by none other than Michael Geller who replied I was an idiot and then he defended Mr. Rios, after that he was followed by Christopher Baca, who did likewise.

Well to the two of them, who is the idiot now, as if people would have listened to me then and taken my advice, Mr. Rios would NOT have been elected, but then again with the support of Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller and Jerry Stephens, who knows, he may still have been elected, but NOT by the people.

Other supporters of Mike Rios were the United Democrats of Moreno Valley, the club ran by Councilwoman Victoria Baca, of which Councilman Jesse Molina, Louise Palomarez, Christopher Baca, Elena Santa Cruz and Delbert (Raul) Wilson are all members, and whose meetings Councilman Marcelo Co often attends. This club threw two known, possibly three fund raisers on behalf of the now felon Mike Rios.

There is even more connections between Mr. Benzeevi, and Michael Geller with the convicted  pimp Mike Rios, some of which involve legal work in assisting him and his now deported wife/stripper/drug dealer/convicted felon/illegal immigrant and call girl.

Now that’s the rest of the story.


It should be known that a robo call has been sent out by or in support of Councilman and $5.00 Mayor Tom Owings during which it claims the Concerned Citizens of Moreno Valley Advocacy Group paid to bail the now convicted pimp, Mike Rios out of jail, however Rios bailed himself out on his first set of charges with the use of his own personal credit card (for the (25,000.00 fee to the bondsman) and he used his home as the collateral, as for his second charge of pimping, pandering and prostitution, those records are sealed. mvgordie.com did file and was heard in court on the issue in seeking their public disclosure, how ever the attempt failed. So these robo call allegations are false, misleading, defamatory in nature, baseless and a simple sign of desperation on the part of the five dollar round robin Mayor, Tom-Ass Owings and his supporters. 

7 thoughts on “Who Really Supported Moreno Valley Unified School District Trustee Mike Rios?

  1. I am currently a resident of Temecula, but my heart still beats for Moreno Valley where I owned a home after discharge from the U.S. Air Force in 1977 until 1996. I participated (albeit a small role) in the successful recall of city councillors Marshal Scott, J.David Horspool, and Steven Webb in 1986 for conflicts of interest, violations of campaign disclosure laws, and illegal financial gain derived from prominent developers at the time. Now I am reading about a similar, but more corrupt scenario involving the entire Moreno Valley Council, their favored developer Iddo Benzeevi, and an individual I seem to remember from the 1986 recall campaign–Jerry Stephens.

    If this is the same Jerry Stephens, then his love for the developers has not changed. As I recall, he played a key role in the fight to stop the 1986 recall effort and was ruthless in his tactics.

    To make a long story short, my warm thoughts for Moreno Valley have convinced me to write a piece for the Press Enterprise showing parallels between what happened in ’86 and the current recall effort. I wish to mention Stephens’ role in both anti-recall efforts, but I want to make sure that it is the same individual. Can you or any of your readers confirm this fact? I have been researching it on my own, but have not been able to find a link.

    Temecula, Ca.

    • It’s funny to know that Jerry Stephens once failed to prevent a recall once before when eastern Moreno Valley was less populated than today. What makes him think again that this will happen given more residents and the Internet age with more individuals being aware of what he and Iddo Benzeevi have been doing? I know these types of individuals have been taking advantage of Moreno Valley for decades now, but they are delusional in the fact they will not be caught for illegal activity that they commit.

  2. Fascinating! Job well done. An excellent history less for this city as well. Thank you for the job you do informing the public.

  3. I love how the address used by the Moreno Valley Tax Payers Association for its campaign information is the same one as Raceway Ford where Owings worked and Stewart and Geller had an office.

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