Who is Really Costing the Moreno Valley Taxpayers With These Road Improvements (Well Let Me Answer That For You).

Owings, Stephens, Benzeevi and Susan Gilmore or Owings?

Owings, Stephens, Benzeevi and Susan Gilmore or Owings?

Once again Mr. Owings doesn’t have his facts in order when it comes to Moreno Valley, or even when it comes to his own actions as well as past questions he himself has asked and had answered.

The Moreno Valley Mayor during the Tuesday August 20th, study session went on the attack against Deanna Reeder and her use of her legal and constitutional rights of the California court’s to answer the complaint of the City of Moreno Valley in seeking a validation action to allow the City to use certain taxes for the purchase, payment and sales of bonds for the funding of the Nason Street widening project, his issue with Ms. Reeder’s actions was that it delayed the City in moving forward with their plans in seeking to obtain these funds through a joint powers agreement which cost the City an additional 2.8 million over the life of the loan (or roughly 30 years).

Here is what our Mayor failed to inform the public, and that is that these roadway improvements (including the Nason Street widening) are/were required to be paid for 100% by Highland Fairview, and this funding in which the validation action was sought was only for that small portion of Nason St., and not all the planned street improvements in that area of which will be paid for with your tax dollars.

Mr. Owings attempted to show that Iddo Benzeevi was somehow out money he wouldn’t have otherwise been out of as a result of the Nason St. through to Iris Ave connection. His reasoning along with the help of City staff was that Iddo Benzeevi had to give up the land to the City which this roadway now sits. What the Mayor and staff conveniently left out is the FACT that had the City not developed this section of Nason St. through to Iris Ave., Highland Fairview was required to do so at 100% of the cost, and that means giving the land to the City as an easement in addition to construction the roadway and paying 100% of the total constriction cost, I wonder how many millions of dollars that would have cost Iddo Benzeevi.

Mayor Owings again is wrong on other facts regarding the roadway projects in that area such as Cactus Ave. and its widening, as that too was to be paid for 100% by Highland Fairview, but is now paid for by the City taxpayers to the tune of how many millions of dollars?

Now let’s go back to May 12th, 2011 when during discussions surrounding the “first amendment to the Aquabella Development Agreement.”  During this meeting a discussion took place between then planning commissioner Tom-Ass Owings and John Terell, in which the question was brought up about how the City was going to be able to level the field so to speak with the developer (Highland Fairview) if the City has to develop the required infrastructures which were contained within the development agreement which Iddo Benzeevi was given a 100% free ride on the payment of Development Impact Fees (DIF) in exchange for Highland Fairview’s (Moreno Valley Properties at that time) contracted agreement to do all those roadway improvements at 100% cost to them, the answer from Mr. Terrell was simple, If the City did the improvements ahead of the developer with the City picking up the tab, Highland Fairview would then lose any benefit from the need to pay DIF in regards to that specific improvement and would therefore be required to compensate the City for its cost in doing the required work with City funds.

Simply put, at this point Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi are in debt to the City in the hundreds of millions of dollars for the entire roadway and other infrastructure work paid for by the City to date which Highland Fairview was contracted to pay for at 100% their cost.

These cost for which Iddo Benzeevi has been getting a free ride for years on, and with the total costs being laid at the feet of the taxpayers of Moreno Valley, that makes $2.8 million seem like chump change.

Now the question is, when will the City put its hand out and ask Highland Fairview for its money, or will they even ever do so?

To view the improvements which Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi agreed to do at 100% their cost, view the images below:


To View Video of the Planning Commission Meeting in Question, CLICK HERE

4 thoughts on “Who is Really Costing the Moreno Valley Taxpayers With These Road Improvements (Well Let Me Answer That For You).

  1. Owing’s wife touts the fact that because the FBI returned the belongings they searched is a positive sign for them. The Feds are not going to tell you if they have found potentially incriminating information until you are indicted. She also asks where they people in various shirts were when Mike Rios was being arrested. The answer is many of them had started a recall petition to remove him from office and were often vocal critics of his conduct around the community. She then went on to describe a woman who wanted off the list the mayor uses to make automated calls with because she felt bulled. And she was outraged because this woman made a judgement about him bullying her without him being able to defend himself. His actions already spoke for themselves. My question to her is where has she been all this time trying to confirm her husband’s innocence to her constituents and clarifying their relationship to the developer searched alongside them instead of giving disrespectful remarks to their critics. She must be stressed out because her promises of her husband getting his prideful seat on the city council are potentially at an end.

  2. Owings obviously doesn’t know how to do research of his own because they he could have simply looked up the California State Legislature bill from 1995 below to prove the State of California and Governor Pete Wilson signed off on the land development use for March JPA.


    A simple Google search probably could have saved the city $40-50,000 in legal expenses to find the answer to an obvious question. Why spend the money anyway if March Life Care isn’t even likely to survive financially in the future anyway? Why would he want to stop a chance at giving this project a chance at being able to survive? In the long run it can attract more educated residents to the city and create some level of jobs even if it is never built out fully.

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