Complete 36 Page Federal Criminal Case Filing of November 5th, 2013 Against Ex-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co (available only at


Below is the complete thirty-six page criminal case filed on November 5th, 2013, against Ex-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo in his record-breaking $2.36 million bribery and federal tax fraud case.

The following filings includes the plea agreement between Marcelo Co and the United States Attorney’s Office, as well as attachments “A” and “B,” which to at this time are only available here at


To download or view the above document in PDF format, please CLICK HERE

9 thoughts on “Complete 36 Page Federal Criminal Case Filing of November 5th, 2013 Against Ex-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co (available only at

  1. Very Nice work…MVGordie.. Cheers.. It’s going to be interesting to see who will be implicated in this. I have sources that More will fall in San Bernardino City as well. With voters and activist becoming more in play around communities in the IE and High Desert. Folks are demanding the cleaning out of criminals in City Halls and get back to governing. So our quality of life can improve and not just the connected crony capitalist.

    • Actually, I also call him an honorary “supporter” of the recall. I don’t know if any other person has done so much to prove there’s corruption in our city.

  2. And the hits just keep on coming. In a recent publication of the Press Enterprise Councilwoman Baca attacked the Press Enterprise and made the comment that they were 0 for 5 in their picks of candidates that would best serve Moreno Valley in the last elections and that her candidates were better. Maybe the voters of Moreno Valley should have taken the advice of the newspaper. Would the city be going through all of this bad publicity if the newspaper candidates had won? I think we would see a complete 180 degree turn from our current situation had the newspaper candidates won the elections. I don’t remember the paper’s selection for the election prior to the last one, but I do remember the picks for the last election. I feel that the paper’s selection of Darryl Terril, Dwayne Lewis, and Robin Hastings would have meant a change in the direction the city is going. All three were against the warehouses, that didn’t create the jobs advertised. They all three were against the hiring of the city manager at such a high salary. They had fresh ideas on boosting our economy. I urge the voters of Moreno Valley to stop voting based on race and associations of the candidates. Go to the candidate forums and listen to the candidates and ask them questions. Follow their campaign contributions and see where the money is coming from. I guess to put it bluntly be educated voters and not blind followers.

    • You forgot to add they really vote by who has the most and biggest signs. That’s why we have this blight upon this city with all of their ugly and worthless signs. I say worthless because there are thousands of people who have signed the recall petition despite these signs.

      • I agree about the signs. Someone is paying for them and that leads back to the orignal post, follow the money.

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