Moreno Valley’s SR/60 East Overlay Zone, and Why it Should NOT Move Forward!

Although it is included in the affidavit (Attachment B) released by the Inland Empire Joint Task-Force in regards to Ex-Moreno Valley Councilman Marcelo Co, this whole concept of creating an overlay zone was pushed by and passed at the hands of Moreno Valley’s Cinderella Mayor Tom Owings. This idea was said to be his brain child, not that of Marcelo Co’s.

Cinderella was championing this concept far before his actual election to city council, where he at times mention the need to take a “30,000 foot” look down over the area and determine how it could better fit the future of Moreno Valley, although such a concept was already done when the city worked for many years in developing its general plan for the city.

What benefits such a new look create for the city, is as up in the air as the 30,000 foot look Owings suggested, however who would benefit the most isn’t.

We have seen where projects similar to those that Highland Fairview wishes to bring to the area south of SR/60 have been fought by Iddo Benzeevi, as well as Cinderella himself, who has stated things such as Highland Fairview is the City’s preferred developer in that area, and that we should not allow the development of “these types of buildings” to be placed around the City to prevent Highland Fairview from making a profit. So what would an overlay zone do to benefit Moreno Valley’s preferred developer, simple, it would prevent any developments similar to his warehousing to be developed in the areas north of SR/60, as well as in the area adjacent to the eastern edge of the Moreno Valley Auto Mall (the slated location of the ProLogis Eucalyptus Business Park).

This overlay zone would also go to assist in protecting one of Cinderella’s main campaign contributors, Nelson and Christine Chung, the largest land owners north of SR/60 in the eastern portion of the City.   This overlay zone may also be a crucial aspect of property negotiation between Tom Owings, Jerry Stephens  and an undisclosed property owner for land adjacent to the Moreno Valley Auto Mall in the area near the Moreno Valley fire station for possible purchase and development into yet another auto dealership.

Make no mistake, Marcelo Co per the court records did mention and engage in actions which were to benefit himself as well, but maybe he simply saw an opportunity to profit from the planned actions of others, based on his own personal greed, or maybe even this was to be his reward for assisting in the overall picture of shaping the future of the east end to the benefit of others.

Either way, this overlay zone and the process are tainted, and highly questionable, and are now a great part of an overall investigation into possible corruption by others in elected office, as such this issue and topic should be shelved for the time being, as there are too many questions than answers.

In the following video, you will see how ex-councilman Marcelo Co only acted to increase the size of the overlay zone to benefit his own personal greed, you will also be told by Cinderella, whose idea the overlay zone was and the reasoning behind it (to prevent warehousing, and to protect housing, of which the above mentioned Nelson and Christine Chung do their development business in).

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Mayor Tom Owings, Susan K. Gilmore, Iddo Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens

Mayor Tom Owings, Susan K. Gilmore, Iddo Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens

SR-60 East Corridor Area

SR-60 East Corridor Area

Press Enterprise posts 05-2011 part one

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As citizens, we should demand that the City, NOT move forward on this issue until such a time as it is fully cleared by means of the ongoing investigation into the actions of those under investigation by the Inland Empire Political Corruption Task-Force, as the issue is and has been shown by the guilty plea entered by Marcelo Co to be an issue of taint and corruption of the political process which was used.

One thought on “Moreno Valley’s SR/60 East Overlay Zone, and Why it Should NOT Move Forward!

  1. This move to block Highland Fairview’s competition for the World Logistics Center is done because Benzeevi is deep in debt on the mechanical liens for the Skechers distribution center. He has already defaulted on it. What is his current status with this money?

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