Is the City of Moreno Valley’s Budget Truly Balanced as the Mayor and Council Members Claim?

The citizens have been told and those whose recalls are being sought have time and time again boasted of balancing the City’s budget without the need to dip into the City’s reserves, but is that really the case, well we will soon find out.

On the agenda for the Moreno Valley City Council’s study session scheduled for Tuesday November 19th, is the issue of the City’s Community Services District (CSD) Zone A (Parks & Community Services) financial review.

According to the reports from city staff, there is a shortfall of revenue into the CSD Zone A of around $1.5 million dollars, which consists of $642,000 shortfall for the fiscal year of 2013-2014, and an additional shortfall of $505,000 for the fiscal year of 2014-2015.   With this short fall the City is faced with the need to cut jobs within the city staff (un-funding positions), cut programs, dip into the City’s reserves or general fund and or contract out the city’s golf course.

None of the above sounds like a truly balanced budget at all, in fact a budget isn’t balanced unless all expenditures are fully covered using the existing cash flow into the city’s available operating funds.

Based on the above information, it would seem that all these claims of being the first ever council to balance a city budget without the use of reserves was a little premature or just flat out a lie to the public in order to boost the council members appeal to the voters, I would surmise the later as it is now being used as a main focal point of the anti-recall movement of Mayor Tom Owings and Councilwoman Victoria Baca.

Click images below to read the Staff Report for the City Council November 19th, 2013 study session:


Please note the discrepancies in the staffing numbers for the fiscal years of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 (shown at the bottom of the chart contained in the report above).

Power Point presentation for November 19th, 2013 Council Study Session:  


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