Clarification on Tuning Sounds Org. and the Moreno Valley Unified School District

This clarification was not requested by the MVUSD, however due to the nature of the post regarding Tuning Sounds I thought it important to clarify the relationship between the MVUSD and Tuning Sounds.

The Moreno Valley Unified School District did not have any affiliation with or were they using Tuning Sounds as an instruction, after school program or any other form of school related program, their relationship to Tuning Sounds was simply the same as it is for those who hold the World Logistics Awareness meetings, as well as various church organizations whom utilize the school as meeting places.

The (the school district) was simply letting out space for Tuning Sounds to use and had no knowledge of the backgrounds of its owners, operators and instructors, as they were not affiliated with the district or working under any agreement or contract between the MVUSD and Tuning Sounds, and therefore there was no legal requirement for the district to require any advanced background checks on any of the employees of Tuning Sounds, as this same requirement doesn’t exist when renting out space to any other organization such as churches, warehouse awareness meeting organizers or Boys and Girl Scout gatherings.

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