Moreno Valley’s Tuning Sounds Org., Its Connections With Victoria Baca, the MVUSD and Our Children

Awhile back on a tip from Alicia Espinoza, a collaborative effort began to look into allegations made about a local music program offered to the city’s youth by an business going by the name of Tuning Sounds Org., whose owners and operators were a mother daughter team of Elsa Coulter (mother) and Rhonda Tadlock (daughter).

Originally, this issues was based on rumors from one of the parents with a child enrolled in their music learning program, that a meeting was going to be taking place between Councilwoman Victoria Baca and Elsa, during which Baca was going to seek her assistance in funneling money into Councilwoman Baca’s campaign, in such a way it would not be public knowledge (otherwise known as money laundering). As anyone should know by now, if they have read the Marcelo Co plea deal struck with the United States Attorney, this had become the normal means of campaign financing within a certain group of individuals with ties to Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller and Jerry Stephens, so such a rumor, did in fact perk our ears and interests, so a collaborative effort was born, between Alicia Espinoza and I.

As we watched, the meeting did take place between Victoria Baca and Else Coulter, at the time and place we were informed of as Councilwoman Victoria Baca’s appointment calendar would show; in fact two meetings took place at city hall.   However were these meeting really about what the rumor purported or were they once again, Victoria Baca seeking a way to get city funds to aide and assist her friends, much like the case of Maria Elena Kennedy, whom Victoria Baca secured a $32,000 six month contract with the city in which nothing was accomplished?   You can also look at it this way as well; maybe this was a way to get money into a friend’s pocket, which in turn would place into yours by way of a future campaign contribution, who knows.

Over time however things started looking like this music business was not right for our children (maybe even not for our city), as these rumors grew into demands for parents to go out and seek money to assist the program which has been touted as “free, however it has been said it cost the families $60,00 per month, and then there are the claims made by Tuning Sounds that they are a tax exempt organization, of which they are not, in fact they have been out currently seeking donations and even held a walkathon in order to seek free monies from the public.

The biggest issue here is who people are putting the faith in and allowing their children to be exposed to, as daughter of this mother daughter team is a convicted felon and drug addict, at least her mother is simply a deadbeat who is evicted from one home to another like a habitual vagabond.

After seeing that this business had blessed Michael Geller’s and Richard Archers Vanguard Art Gallery and even had a stop and play appearance in the Moreno Valley Fourth of July parade, it seemed it was time to take a deeper look into this mother daughter team (this is where all the criminal, drug addiction and habitual evictee issues were discovered), this deeper look created a sense of urgency on the part of this collaborative, after viewing images upon Rhonda Tadlock Facebook page and all her criminal activity and drug use, therefore I sent all the information to Alicia Espinoza for her quick and never ending attention to such issues.

As expected, Alicia came out fighting like a tiger, knowing that Tuning Sounds was working with children with such issue and of all places within the Moreno Valley schools (whom I might add, had no idea these issues exited), Alicia was quick to inform members of the MVUSD board of trustees as well as Dr. Judy White about these issues and with Alicia on the case, swift and fair action was taken to ban Rhonda Tadlock from any contact with the students and from being on any school ground within MVUSD’s control.

However, anyone who knows the type of people Councilwoman Victoria Baca associates with, NO, never means No, as such Ms. Tadlock refused to stay away and violated the schools directive; as a result, Tuning Sounds has been banned from MVUSD permanently.

It sad however to know that there are those who when you mention thing like Tuning Sounds and their involvement with children and how maybe it isn’t the right thing to associate or promote them as it could give parents a false feeling of, Hey, I can take my child to them for music lessons, simply say back to you So What! (Well I do understand, some of them have no idea what some of us know, but they like to pretend they are in the know).

Now the question is, why the meeting with Councilwoman Victoria Baca and Michelle Dawson, and is there any cooperation between the city and Tuning Sounds which involves our children, their safety and undue poor influences?

Below is the recent letter from Dr. Judy White to Alicia Espinoza (who deserves a great round of applause for getting this program out of our schools and away from at least the children there, however now we need to awake the parents of those children within the care of Tuning Sounds).


From: Dr. Judy White (MVUSD)

To: Alicia Espinoza

Cc: Vackar, Tracey, White, Judy

Date: July 14, 2014 at 8:22:52 PM PDT

Subject: Re: Meeting with you and Dr. White.

Mrs. Espinoza,

Tuning Sounds has been a collaborative music program for youth in our District for the past two years. Several weeks ago you brought to our attention that Rhoda Tadlock, the daughter of Elsa Coulter had inappropriate Face Book postings while sharing her affiliation with Tuning Sounds.

We began an investigation and confirmed that Ms. Tadlock had recently volunteered at Armada school and did have the inappropriate postings on a Facebook in her name.   A directive was given to the Coordinator, Mrs. Coulter to restrict Ms. Tadlock from the campus. It was reported that Ms. Tadlock did appear on campus after the directive.

All classes have been suspended since Monday, July 7, 2014. The program has been suspended from Moreno Valley campuses. I spoke with the principal, Mr. Jeff Jones on today and he confirmed that his custodian has not allowed the program on the campus and Mr. Jones personally spoke with Mrs. Coulter.

Our District is currently exploring a partnership with both UCR and Brandman University to provide a similar music program for our deserving students.




9 thoughts on “Moreno Valley’s Tuning Sounds Org., Its Connections With Victoria Baca, the MVUSD and Our Children

  1. I was approached by MS Elsa at Armada Elementary asking for the numbers of parents who have not paid.

    can someone tell me the latest’s news on this.

    thank you

  2. Since the begining I’ve always found their methods of collecting money a little suspicious and her daughter a little “off”. Their inability to stay organized was also astonishing. Nonetheless the music teachers were great and the kids learned a lot. I do believe the city of Moreno Valley is also to blame for letting people come so close to our kids without any kind of background check. It saddens me to see this program go and hope that all the money laundering accusations are just rumors. If so this program could succeed with better guidance and leadership.

    In the end she called a meeting to let us know about all this and neglected to tell us all the details. I was shocked to hear her ask for money at the end of her meeting so that she could pay for the location which was “rented” for the day.

      • The latest news would be they have been removed form the school, however they did make a showing at last Tuesday’s meeting of the board of education seeking to be allowed use of school property again.

        Also, Alicia Espinoza, David Marquez, Radene Ramos-Hires and my self spoke to the board against such a move. It appears at this point the district isn’t going to budge on their prior action removing Tuning Sounds Org. from using school facilities.

        If anything changes I will post it here.

        Thank you for your interest in this matter.

      • Does anyone know of any other music programs in the city. My son is now left with no music instructor.

        thank you

      • It’s my understanding from correspondences I’ve seen from the school district, that they are looking for an alternative program to take the place of Tuning Sounds.

  3. I was also notified that Victoria Baca and Elza Coulter ( Tuning Sounds) had a meeting with the administration of Val-Verde Unified School Dist. The prelude of this meeting was to secure a grant thru the Arts for Tuning Sounds. I will be requesting a Public Records Request and update you on this subject.

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