Highland Fairview and Their Record on Selecting City Council Candidates for the City of Moreno Valley

Iddo Benzeevi of Highland Fairview

Iddo Benzeevi of Highland Fairview

Highland Fairview and its CEO Iddo Benzeevi have interjected themselves into the City of Moreno Valley’s political selection process starting in 2008; the reasons for their doing so are simply financially based on their own desires, needs and greed’s.

This process continues to this very day and our currently upcoming November 4th, general election, in which our citizens will once again be asked to select from a robust pool of candidates vying for seats upon our city’s city council to represent two of our council districts (Council Districts Two and Four) as well as one of our council districts in which a recall of one of Highland Fairview’s heavily financed candidates Victoria Baca (Council District Five).

So how does Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi fair in their selection of candidates which they hand select, personally finance and run to fill our city’s council seats in their zeal to strong arm the citizens over the control of the city which belongs to its citizens and not the outsider Iddo Benzeevi and his multitude of limited liability companies, well in short not well.

Let’s take a good look at those for which they have rammed down the throat of the Moreno Valley voters by means of deceptive, false and grossly financed campaigning tactics.

For Moreno Valley’s Unified School District, we had Mike Rios, who they championed in the 2010 MVUSD Board of Trustees elections, who only after serving one year on the board was arrested in connection to a shooting outside his Moreno Valley home in which he first claimed he was the victim, only to be arrested a few days later as the actual lone shooter on charges of attempted murder.    A short time later that same school board official was once again arrested as a result of further investigations, which now found him facing charges of pimping and pandering of women and girls as young as 15 years of age, as well as insurance fraud resulting from an accident in which one of his prostitutes was involved in an auto accident while driving one of the Rios family vehicles, after which Mr. Rios and the prostitutes sought to make coin on the accident by claiming injuries sustained in the accident in which Mike Rios was not even a party too.

Mr. Rios has since been convicted on several charges stemming from the pimping and pandering case and is currently serving a 14.5 year prison sentence and his attempted murder case is still working its way through the overcrowded criminal courts system here in Riverside County.

Prior to the above mentioned criminal cases, Mr. Rios’ wife, Dora Landaverde was arrested by agents of homeland security for her illegal reentering of the country after being deported for her involvement in a previous drug smuggling operation in Orange County.

During all these above mentioned events, Mike Rios sought and claimed some form of false sense of entitlements of which he felt he deserved as a result of his involvement with developer Iddo Benzeevi and his elected position upon the MVUSD Board of Trustees.

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Another candidate of choice for Iddo Benzeevi and Highland Fairview was Marcelo Co (yes Marcelo Co), who they hand selected, indirectly financed and opted to run for office in Moreno Valley’s City Council District No. 4, a district for which at the time Mr. Co did not reside in (I say candidate of choice, due to the fact it was originally to be Mike Rios, however once I was asked to assist Mr. Rios in his intended criminal act, all bets were off on his ability to run in that district, as would have no part in such activity nor would I allow it to take place, thus an alternative candidate had to be selected and why not a close friend and client of none other than Michael Geller of the funding mechanisms of Highland Fairview at the time, The Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association).

Mr. Co ran in 2010 seeking the district four council seat, during which I filed an official complaint with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office’s Public Integrities Unit, which did eventually begin a complete and thorough investigation into the action of Marcelo Co.

During the following years of Marcelo Co’s service upon the Moreno Valley City Council, many campaign fundraisers were held, in which Mr. Benzeevi was in attendance and in full support of his chosen candidate Marcelo Co, however what none of them knew was that I was actively investigating Mr. Co and during this investigation I was able to discover that Marcelo Co was involved in many illegal activities including using his own elderly mother to fraudulently receive welfare benefits on her behalf, information which was immediately reported to investigators within the Inland Empire Political Corruption Taskforce.

Marcelo Co was in fact eventually arrested and criminally charges with eight felony counts of fraud to obtain aide and the case is on track for hearing in the Riverside County Courts in December of 2014.

In addition to the above charges, Highland Fairview’s selected, funded and heavily supported candidate, Marcelo Co was arrested and charged in a federal indictment on federal tax charges, as well as making history and the national news for accepting the largest ever political bribe ever in the history of the FBI, charges Mr. Co has already plead guilty to in a pre-arranged plea deal with the United States Attorney’s Office.

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We now move onto the now recalled Thomas Andrew Owings (AKA Tom Ass Owings).

Owings who was selected to run against then Councilwoman Robin Hastings, by individuals such as Michael S. Geller of the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association due to their close relationship in business as well as their long standing personal friendship, as well as Owings connections to and with Jerome (Jerry) Stephens, land broker/developer and business partner of Michael Geller and Douglas Whitney, Iddo Benzeevi of Highland Fairview as well as business partner with Jerome Stephens as well as longtime friends Moreno Valley Councilman Richard Stewart and the now notionally renowned  political criminal Marcelo Co.

Once elected the political pawn of the Iddo Benzeevi corruption crew went right to work on their plans for transforming Moreno Valley deeper into the pocket of Highland Fairview’ Iddo Benzeevi, Owings close friend and business associate Michael Geller, and Geller’s close friends Jerome Stephens, Douglas Whitney and Marcelo Co.    The action taken by Owings included ridding the City of anyone and everyone who had or may stand in their way towards their self-serving greed driven plans for total political and developmental control over every aspect of Moreno Valley.

These actions included such things as reductions in the core needs of the citizens of Moreno Valley in such things as public safety, as well as a forced moratorium on any form of development of which Highland Fairview was opposed by means of seeking an overlay zone study within the east end of Moreno Valley, of which the main land owners were Highland Fairview, Michael Geller, Jerome Stephens, Douglas Whitney, The Chung family as well as then Councilman Marcelo Co.

Owings tactics however were abusive and abrasive to the entire citizenry of the City of Moreno Valley, action which he had taken from accusing the city’s citizens of being racists anti-Semites led to his demise through a citizens led recall seeking his removal from office.   However as could be expected, all of those mentioned above came to his defense against the recall, as their need for him to remain upon the city council was critical to their goals.  So once again, Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller, Jerome Stephens, Douglas Whitney and Chungs opened their wallets, created new political action committees and began grossly over funding anti-recall efforts with campaign ads, canvassers and even individuals paid to lie to the public and verbally and physically attack those seeking the recall.   However Moreno Valley during this period was undergoing a change, one which no longer had citizens uninvolved and looking the other way, this brought about a backlash against the Benzeevi crew not yet seen in Moreno Valley, one which led to an overwhelming recall and defeat of not only Councilman Tom Owings, but repudiation upon the claims and actions of the Benzeevi crew.

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Now we have Councilwoman Victoria Baca, another well-funded handpicked election candidate of the Benzeevi crew.

Here is a candidate who while serving on the Moreno Valley Unified School board of trustees, used her position to support actions and requests of Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi, while at the same time working for him and his Highland Fairview company as a paid consultant, not to mention using her family ran and controlled United Democrats of Moreno Valley political club and their racist organization, The Mexican Political Association to once again verbally and physically harass opponents of Highland Fairview, Michael Geller and Jerome Stephens, by means of racial slurs, threats and even the placing of websites upon the internet as a means of slandering and making false claims against those opposed to political corruption within the City of Moreno Valley.

It was this same handpicked candidate who once elected to office, worked with and conspired with Council Members Jesse Molina, Tom Owings and Marcelo Co, to destroy ever fabric of public safety within the City of Moreno, and upon the resignation of Marcelo amid eight felony counts of fraud to obtain aide from the welfare system, conspired with once again, Tom Owings and Jesse Molina to wrongfully and behind closed doors to appoint the now legally removed from office Yxstian Gutierrez, whom they appointed to replace the departed and shamed Marcelo Co upon the city council to fill the vacant district four council seat.

As a result of her actions along with a federal and state corruption probe into actions by ex-councilman Marcelo Co, Council Members Tom Owings, Richard Stewart, Jesse Molina and some prior council members, along with Developer Iddo Benzeevi and his Highland Fairview Co., the ever apparent local attorney and friend of all concerned Michael Geller and Jerome Stephens, brought onto Ms. Baca her own recall attempt, which is to go before the voters in this November election.

Ms. Baca is not new to controversy, as she had been arrested in 2009 for interfering in the lawful action of police in operating DUI check points within the City of Moreno Valley, as well as creating many disturbances at local schools which were instigated by her and her Mexican Political Assocation, during which many racial slurs were hurled by her and her members at students and Scholl staff, such as the terms “white bitches” and even “niggers.”

During the Owings recall her family members where ever present, using the same types of racial attacks upon the recall proponents many of which were Hispanic, the terms used there were things such as “Nazi’s,” “want to be whites,” “crackers” and many other racial slurs (most of which was actually caught on video tape).

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So as anyone can see from the above factual accounts, Highland Fairview, Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller, Jerome Stephens and their many Political Action Committees, have many moral and ethical issues when it comes to their selection of candidates and positions of support, as their track record is one of gross failure and lacking in any true concern over the what is morally and ethically right for the citizens and the city of Moreno Valley, and is simply based on their selection of those who lack any moral and ethical compass, those who are more easily controlled into doing their bidding over the bidding of the citizens of Moreno Valley.

It is much easier for the likes of Iddo Benzeevi and crew to find those who will support them 100%, from pools of those more susceptible to greed, power, immoral and unethical behavior, as anyone with any sense of moral and ethical decency, would never succumb to Benzeevi and his crews filthy, corrupt and unethical ways,  so when you see these mailers, meet canvassers and or receive the phone banking robo calls seeking calls of support for the Benzeevi crew candidates, keep in mind, their history in selecting candidates and how they have failed in that selection each and every time since the 2008 election, these failures are not mythical, but are factual and can all be supported by and through actual documentations, with the exceptions of two candidates, Robin Hastings and William Batey, whom Iddo Benzeevi and his crew had to quickly remove from office because they refused to play by his crews rules and opted to serve the people and not Benzeevi’s special interest groups.

So when you receive these calls, canvassers and mailers seeking your support of Iddo Benzeevi’s chosen candidates, just remember his past in candidate selections, as they have all ended up either in jail serving long prison sentences, awaiting sentencing to long prison terms or have been removed from office through the legal recall process, as Benzeevi’s candidates are chosen for one reason and one reason only, his own personal greed and desire to control a city of which he isn’t even a resident of, over the rights of those 193,000 citizens who do and he will do so through the most unethical and morally corrupt citizens he and his crew of Michael Geller, Jerome Stephens, Councilman Jesse Molina, Councilwoman Victoria Baca and their associates can find.

Here are the candidates of which this motley crew has chosen for 2014:

Jeffrey Giba (Council District 2)

Jeffery Giba (Guy Ba)

Benzeevi Crew Candidate Jeffrey Giba (Guy Ba)







Luke Fuller (Council District 2)

Iddo Benzeevi and Luke Fuller

Iddo Benzeevi with Benzeevi Crew Candidate Luke Fuller






Yxstian Gutierrez (Council District 4)

Benzeevi Crew Candidate Yxstian Gutierrez

Benzeevi Crew Candidate Yxstian Gutierrez







Wraymond Sawyerr (Council District 4)

Benzeevi Crew Candidate Wraymond Sawyerr

Benzeevi Crew Candidate Wraymond Sawyerr







Victoria Baca (Council District 5 Recall)

Iddo Benzeevi Crew Candidate Victoria Baca

Iddo Benzeevi Crew Candidate Victoria Baca







Take a stand against Iddo Benzeevi and his crew and prevent them from overrunning YOUR CITY through their heavily funded misinformation campaigns in support of their ethically and morally corrupt candidates, aimed solely at securing their control over YOUR CITY, and against you wishes and desires to be a civil, ethical and responsible community, vote against their supported candidates, it’s the morally right and ethical thing to do.


23 thoughts on “Highland Fairview and Their Record on Selecting City Council Candidates for the City of Moreno Valley

  1. I found all of your information about the money that Iddo Benzeevi has spent to buy the City Council pretty interesting and well researched. Early on in your piece you stated that Benzeevi’s first efforts were in 2008. But you did not fully explain what happened in that election cycle. When Frank West listened to educated people about the actual facts of warehousing, he quickly learned that a project the size of the one Benzeevi wanted would be a huge detriment to his district. He organized and put on an educational forum with experts from the USC Children’s Health Study, experts from the AQMD and community organizers from a group in Mira Loma who have been educating people about the serious health effects of diesel truck pollution. That was the death knell for West. During the campaign, Benzeevi spent nearly $250,000 on negative flyers about Frank West. He and his stooge Michael Geller had photos of Frank attending city council functions photoshopped to show him with a cigar and a drink in his hands. He was accused of misusing taxpayer/city money on trips and Geller knowingly filed more than one false complaint against Frank with the FPPC claiming improper use of campaign funds. NONE of these complaints was found to be true. Of course, when the complaints were filed, they made the news. But when they were found to be groundless-that never made the news. Meanwhile, Benzeevi and Geller found a willing candidate in Robin Hastings. Within just a few days, signs touting Robin Hastings appeared on every major intersection in the East End. What they did was create the kind of bogus PAC that Geller is famous for, i.e. “Teachers Against the Recall” and “Clergy Against the Recall” and just started printing fliers and putting up signs that Robin had never been asked about or even agreed to. I spoke with her a couple of times about this and I feel pretty sure that it was a surprise to her that all of this money was being spent to put her on the council. And so, in November of 2008, three term councilman Frank West, lost to Robin Hastings. And we all know what happened to Robin Hastings. She had the misfortune to side with Bonnie Flickinger and question whether or not it was the right thing to do to put Benzeevi’s project on the fast track and let Skechers skip several steps in the city’s own development code. Neither Hastings nor Flickinger were ever opposed to the project, they just thought that the city might want to follow its own rules. In any case, in 2012, Benzeevi unelected Robin Hastings and gave us Tom Owings. All the while this influence pedaling is going on, the cowardly Richard Stewart sits idly by and lets his colleagues be pilloried. I emailed him in 2008 and asked him why he didn’t speak up for his colleague of 12 years who was being dragged through the mud and his reply was pathetic. He said that I didn’t understand , that it wasn’t that easy, I thought he was going to cry. Frank West’s wife, Karen, also took Stewart to task. He told her that he couldn’t afford to make waves because he used the extra money-stipends and honorariums which amounted to about $30,000/year-to take care of his mother.
    Thank you for writing about Benzeevi and his tactics. For the life of me, I do not know why more residents aren’t up in arms about this!

  2. Glenn Jacobs, Marcia Amino, and Jeff Giba are the top three candidates to be elected in District 2. Despite Giba getting so much money from Highland Fairview, he has been fairly consistent in being anti-warehouse. From the sound of it Jacobs and Amino are both opposed to Highland Fairview and warehousing on the eastern end at least. It’s strange, it seems like whoever wins in District 2 is not going to be a shrill for warehousing.

    • Not sure where you get this idea. Giba has only voted against two warehouses, both in District 3, of which both were opposed by Highland Fairview, even Tom Owings voted against one of them while on the planning commission along with Giba, Ramirez and if I’m not wrong, the rest of the planning commission. Owings reasons were, it should go east of Redlands Blvd., he didn’t like the idea of having warehouses all over the place simply to prevent Highland Fairview from making a profit. One of these warehouses was opposed Molina and Co as well, but was passed by the other three council members. Owings however once on the city council, simply approved an already entitled project along with an electrical discount, this after receiving a large sum of money from Ridge Property Trust, as did Molina and Baca.

      Giba’s claims of watch me as a planning commissioner are a joke, as his reasons for voting down two warehouses are motivated by his desire to appease Iddo Benzeevi, who didn’t want any competition in the east end of the city, nor did he want any other developer to benefit from his infrastructure Highland Fairview paid for. I should also mention that HF is required to pay for Redlands Blvd. upgrades once their project (the Highland Fairview Corporate Park) reaches its third phase, however if another development or if the city deems it is needed sooner, Highland Fairview is required to pay the cost of the Redlands Blvd. upgrades (an issue I spoke with Denis Rice of Ridge Property Trust about during their appeal of the planning commissions rejection).

      • You are 100% correct Gordie, All one has to do is look at the size, quality and quantity of the signs to see who is backed by who. Giba will say anything to get elected including saying he is anti warehouse. Don’t believe a word he says. He is totally bought and paid for by King Iddo. Marcia is the only candidate that is willing to fight for the rights of the people, not the developers.

      • I probably should have said that Jeff Giba will at least mostly keep warehouses on the southern end of Moreno Valley and keep the zoning for the eastern end more or less. He is not a pro-warehouse stooge as others are for Highland Fairview, at least not at this point yet.

  3. Gordie…You are spot on with facts that can be confirmed thru legal filings and written proof. In fact you have a lot more information that you have not posed because you have knowledge of these going on’s and the proof is not as strong as other findings you have. These people are so corrupt it makes me sick. Yes they are cry babies and will lie thru their teeth. I truly hope the voters in these pending districts have done there homework on these people and will not fall for the BS they are spreading. I personally have been watching Iddo for the last 25 years. The first project he has ever developed is Sketchers and then Highland Fairview both of these are failures. Neither one of them have filled the promise Iddo gave to get these projects built. Highland Fairview is half a ghost town of store fronts and Sketchers employment record is poor at best. In the past we had a city council that did not fall for the pie in the sky development Iddo tried to push thru. There have been many of them from an Air port at east end of town to a housing development off Davis Road. Every one of his past projects were filled with lies. Our city council then did not fall for his crap as he did not own them as he does now. Lets we get a council that will not kiss the hand of Iddo and get him out of our town.

  4. I want to say that all the interactions I have had with Wraymond Sawyerr have been positive. I am a parent of 5 children who have or were in the VVUSD and Mr. Sawyerr has always been completely honest with me. He is a businessman who makes all his customers feel welcomed as well. I am sorry to see that my question lead to verbal attacks, name calling, confrontations and childish behavior. It is very saddening. I had thought your blog was a place to come and seek factual information. I understand that you are passionate about our city and its well-being. I appreciate that you brought to light so much of the corruption with Co, Owings, Baca and Gutierrez.

    • I have no issues with Mr. Sawyerr, nor do I have any so called dog in the fight in District four as he seems to think. It is Mr. Sawyerr who chose to go down a negative road here and I for one am not afraid to blaze that trail when push comes to shove.

      My information is 100% factual and if he seeks to file suit against me so be it, as it can be settled there.

      As for a businessman or even a man of transparency, ask him about the many notices of default as well as notices of trustees sales which have been leveled against he and his wife over the years while they have lived in Moreno Valley, or maybe even the legal claims of “Brown Act” violations against him and his fellow VVUSD Trustee members.

      He should also explain why from 2008 to present he uses the same political firms as did Marcelo Co, Victoria Baca, Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller, Jesse Molina and The Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association.

      This blog post was not about Wraymond Sawyerr, but about Highland Fairview, Iddo Benzeevi and their crews selection of candidates.

      • Way to go Gordie, Keep up the good work informing all of the voters on the issues regarding the candidates in the current council race. Nobody digs as deep as you do and when it comes time to call a spade a spade there is no one better to rely on. I for one am sick and tired of living in a city where the people have no voice because one egotistical A-hole thinks he can buy a council that will vote any way he wants to help him recoup the losses incurred by his ill timed land purchases. Iddo and all of his sidekicks need to be sent packing. We the people will prevail.

      • Incorrect again I have never been default in my successful business please show your proof like you show proof of everything else. What firm do I share with those candidates. If you hire a consultant what control do you have or know who their other candidates are. You have been warned seriously to STOP slandering my name with untrue stories on your site. I did not attack you in no shape or form . I am defending you trying to defame my character for the sole purpose of you trying to promote your candidates. Please shoe any proof you have on default or anything if you can’t prove it then you sure are defaming my character and misleading the voters. I truly thought you were an honest and truthful man, however I have now experience the other side. People trying to attack me because they know am a viable candidate whom voter have trusted and above all re elected me overwhelming . That tells a whole lot. People know that they are getting honest and sincere representation from me . Who knows what they going to get from someone who has never been elected. Look around all those newly elected candidates how things went south on them and bring shame to their community.
        You have been seriously and FINALLY WARNED STOP slandering my name.

      • You need an education. You are the most illiterate and stupid person I have ever heard from.

        FOR THE FIFTH TIME! Sue me ass hat, I see you like the court, but even there you fail and will here as well.

        Your request will be granted, your records will be made public soon, until they are, I will publish ALL recorded document numbers from the Riverside Recorders Office.

        Have a good day and don’t ever threaten me again, or it will be you who will legally pay.

  5. Wraymond Sawyerr is a political candidate anything can be said about him under the First Amendment as he is fair game. A candidate who doesn’t know this basic fact probably isn’t ready for the seat and all the criticism it will bring.

  6. You are spot on when describing the deceptive tactics employed by Iddo when it comes to making sure that his cronies are elected to fill the vacant spots on “his” council in an effort to continue to run the city of Moreno Valley. Not only is he financing the campaigns of these corruptible individuals but he is doing it under the guise of more jobs and revenue for the city as witnessed by his 2 full page ad that has been running in the Sunday Press Enterprise for the past 2-3 weeks touting the enormous benefits of the WLC. This is his last ditch effort to get his plans for “Benzevvi Land” approved and he is pulling out all the stops. I would love to see a similar ad placed the Sunday prior to Nov. 4th showing depictions of the pollution, snarled traffic, sub par working environments, etc. that will be the case if he gets his way. We are all fully aware of the promises made with the Sketchers project which never materialized and this will be no different.

    As a side note Measure I which will be on the ballot is another attempt to keep the council under his control even though it is addressing term limits for council members. Under the current poorly written proposal up for vote, an elected member could serve 3 consecutive 4 year terms, sit out two years and then be reelected for 3 more consecutive terms meaning they would be in office for 24 out of 26 years. And who wrote this ridiculous proposal ?, that’s right you guessed it Tom Ass and his crew along with the “elected mayor” proposal also on the ballot in which they piggybacked the reduction of council districts from 5 to 4 with the mayor being the fifth and deciding vote, instead of giving we the people a chance to vote on that as a separate issue. Two of the current council members have already stated their desire to see the districst increased from 5 to six given we have an elected mayor or 7 if they the mayor is appointed by the council but that was not to Iddo’s liking because then his 3-0 Club would need to be the 4-0 Club.

  7. Why are you deleting my reply. I have copy of my early reply which I will see you and crosses so call campaign manager who is your friend and who is not entitled to seat in Moreno Valley ranch board” she is violating brown act giving out Moreno Valley ranch confidential information out to the public trying to wage crosses way through fabricating stories into city council.
    Just don’t start smearing a good candidate who you never met just to help your friend candidate get elected. You know that everyone including myself is in favor of suing on behalf of Moreno Valley ranch and it’s a shame when you have people sitting on a board illegally for their personal gain”
    Everyone know am not involved with any developer and they never came in my juice it up store.
    Show the world your proof and stop slandering someone who is and has been here since 1990 trying to make things better for everyone.
    I have copied both of my response from your cooked up stories which I will have out there since you being very bias and deleting my response when you and your friend spreading false rumors defaming my character . People feel free to go to Moreno Valley ranch club house and check my voting records and feel free to call me at 9514882507

    • No comments have been deleted ass hat! Look at the time you posted, most people are in bed and comments need to be approved by the admin, you are one stupid person with some form of power trip.

      “people sitting on a board illegally for their personal gain.” Oh my, you wouldn’t be making false accusations here would you Wraymond? If I’m not mistaken, you just cried like a little bitch about defamation, actually you cry a lot as if you have some deep seated personal issues you need to deal with.

    • Mr. Sawyerr, Maybe you can answer a question here publicly regarding some issues.

      With all the BS being spread by your challengers, such as adulterous affairs, children out of wedlock and such, why do you think I never touched on them?

      With the majority of campaign attacks directed at you, with virtually none directed at Yxstian Gutierrez, why is Highland Fairview going after Cross, as it would seem attacks against you would be to the benefit of Mr. Gutierrez, HF’s “openly supported” candidate?

      One more, are you fully denying that these individuals (Owings, Benzeevi, Stephens, Molina, Baca and Foster) have ever held meetings within your Juice It Up store?

      Keep in mind, I am not accusing you of any wrong doing in this situation, as you could simply be acting as a good businessman speaking to your customers. What I did do was state that I wouldn’t vote for you as a result, for in my mind and opinion such contact with these individuals cast a very dark shadow upon anyone and it is no coincident that they chose you establishment for such meetings.

      • After reading all of the responses by Wraymond to the stated allegations I am appalled by his apparent lack of ability to correctly spell, punctuate, capitalize or form an intelligent sentence. If this is any indication of his apparent lack of education and/or ability to properly use the English language then he is not qualified to hold any office in the city. Perhaps if that juice thing doesn’t work out he could find a good warehouse job.

    • My first thought is that someone who cannot even author a response on a blog to properly put any points across is certainly not a valid candidate for any type of public office. If you sit on a school board I most certainly am concerned for our children. There seems to be a trend of thin skinned folks running for City Council positions who think that they are above reproach for their actions. Welcome to life in the public eye, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen…

  8. I appreciate that you bring many things to light. The fact that you named Wraymond Sawyerr as one of those chosen by Iddo Benzeevi surprised me. I am not attacking you in any way. I would just like to know, do you have proof of this that you can please share? Thank you.

    • Let’s put it this way. Wraymond Sawyerr should explain the reasons he attended meetings held by Iddo Benzeevi, Ex-Councilman Tom Owings, Ex-City Staffer Barry Foster, Councilman Jesse Molina, Councilwoman Victoria Baca and land broker Jerry Stephens at Sawyerr’s business, Juice It Up, located in Moreno Valley off of Day Street. Such meetings have been witnessed by several citizens (none of which are associated with any campaign within Moreno Valley), Moreno Valley city employees, local, state and federal employees, my family members who reside within that area of town and myself.

      Another thing Mr. Sawyerr needs to answer, is why he has adamantly denied ever supporting Councilwoman Victoria Baca, while all the evidence point to the contrary.

      As a member of the Moreno Valley Ranch HOA, Wraymond has stood in the way of efforts by the HOA to seek damages from Highland Fairview for the uncontrolled run-off from their Aquabella project site, run-off which Highland Fairview is required as a condition of their development agreement with the City of Moreno Valley, to control. Not to mention, Highland Fairview’s (Iddo Benzeevi’s) acceptance of responsibility for the damage of the Moreno Valley Ranch lakes ecosystem which was caused by the soil and pollutant runoff from their Aquabella project site. This can be shown by his offer to allow the HOA to remove the pollutants and spread them upon the Aquabella project site (an agreement I informed the HOA not to accept).

      This condition caused great damage to the Moreno Valley Ranch lake system, as well as killing off of almost all fish life within the lake system not to mention the addition of other debris and trash of which were spread upon and under the lake system as a result of Highland Fairview’s failure to maintain their property in accordance to the development agreement and other local and county regulations.

      Why would he take such actions against the best interests of the residence of Moreno Valley of which he has been elected to serve on their board of directors and is this what the citizens of district four can expect from him if elected to the city council? (now on this topic, I have full documentation of, up to and including meeting minutes, laboratory testing, letters between MVRHOA and Highland Fairview and more).

      I am fully comfortable with my association made here between Wraymond Sawyerr and the Benzeevi Crew, it is he (Wraymond) who needs to explain things to the voters of district four.

      Keep in mind, Iddo Benzeevi and his crew, are doubling down in both district two and district four, as Iddo Benzeevi NEEDS to maintain 100% control over the City Council of Moreno Valley as he has for nearly six plus years and he is the ONLY developer who feels he is above it all when it comes to blatant disrespect to the rights of the citizens of Moreno Valley, as no other developer seeks his type of control over a city with such disregard to its actual owners, the citizens themselves. Marcelo Co was right about campaign contributions, they have ways to contribute to campaigns by way of loans, use of friends, your own personal businesses etc., all aimed at hiding the true source of the money, however I’m not guessing here, I know of these meetings and dealings through a variety of sources as well as their providing with information to view which proves their claims.

      • This is a blatant lie “you never saw me with any of those people at my store” the whole board of directors in Moreno Valley ranch is pushing forward with this lawsuit . Stop making stories in promoting your candidate. I have no connection with any developer. I endorsed Victoria baca as a school board peer as every other person did. When you endorse someone you don’t control what they do.
        So be my guess and show your proff and stop misleading people. You don’t know me” you never talk to me and I don’t even know you. Please stop misleading people with wrong information. Anyone who needs to contact me and ask any questions can call me personally at 9514882507 and are also free to go check minutes and records at Moreno Valley ranch association. Stop attacking me . That’s not the right way to promote your candidate. Let every candidate stand on their own merits. Don’t make up stories because you may not like me.
        Please show all your pictures and evidence like you show on other people.
        Defamation of character can end up with you in court.

      • You have no idea what I have seen or not seen, or of those who I have spoken with who have made these claims as well. I have no reason to call you, phone calls are worthless, as they have no record and can be twisted either way. I have had this information on you for over two years and as far as a candidate in your district, I don’t have one so maybe you are out defaming and making false statements about me.

        Again, you cry like a little child with all this attacking me shit and threats of lawsuits etc., bring it on little man, bring it on.

        This isn’t Sierra Leone, we do things differently here.

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