MVUSD’s Trustee Member Evan (Failure to Appear) Morgan, is This Guy for Real?

I find this video very disturbing coming from a man (Evan Failure To Appear Morgan) who was just elected as a School Board Trustee for Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD).

I can only hope that Gary Baugh and the others are watching this Highland Fairview tool.


Women of Moreno Valley should be appalled to have such a sexiest, childish and all around piece of trash on our school board.


5 thoughts on “MVUSD’s Trustee Member Evan (Failure to Appear) Morgan, is This Guy for Real?

  1. Are you kidding me? This guy is a MVUSD School Board Trustee? Can anyone in law enforcement say “Wow, this is really interesting; Maybe we should be paying attention?” John Douglas would likely have a field day with Evan Morgan’s post (a 6-O’clock news story waiting to happen). But hey, don’t expect any questioning for him out of any LEOs in MoVal. It’s why I no-longer live there; clearly, yet, another example of why I moved to a safer, far less creepy city nearly a year ago. I know some good people who still live there and can’t sell their homes so to leave. And, given Morgan’s bad behavior post is an acceptable City-government practice there, it explains exactly why there are so very many social problems there from failed leadership, and why MoVal remains an apparent Free Crime Zone, instead of a Crime Free Zone. The MoVal bad behavior syndrome has hurt a lot of good people there, people I still care about and trust. Sick; that the good are stuck there.

  2. WTHeck is up with this guy? This can not be for real…no way …is being woman hater a requirement for male board members? (Gary excepted or Grandfathered in as prepig member) but can not even believe my lying eyes on this post! SMH and all I can say is Moreno Valley how do you let this happen?

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