Thank you Joshua Mariscal for the segue into the next blog post for MVUSD Trustee Evan (Failure to Appear) Morgan.

You would think that voters would want to elect to office those who have shown through their prior actions some sense of responsibility and good decision making, but I guess there are those such as Joshua who feel that playing out rape and violence with Barbie Dolls is somehow a good quality in an elected official, even one for a local school board.   Not even a long list of driving offences which all end in failures to appear (FTA), trials held in absentia and the loss of the privilege to drive are of any concern regarding an individual’s ability to use reasonable logic and proper decision making as an elected official, no they are short sighted and as the mushrooms they are they see such behavior as normal and “simple traffic tickets” and not what they show about the individual and how they seem to feel above the law, or at least don’t care about the law.

These lawless actions of Evan Failure to Appear Morgan show a deep flaw in FTA’s ability to use common sense and reasoning, not to mention his total disregard for the law and the safety of the driving public.   This is not a simple issue by any means, all one needs to do is look at the totality of Evan (FTA) Morgan’s actions and inactions to see he mentally lacks the skills to make proper decisions, which is what he was elected to do, if he can’t handle his own affairs how can he possibly handle the peoples.


Please look through the following documents, take note of the dates of the citations and the dates of final dispositions, you will find each and every citation end with the same results, Failures to Appear and suspensions of Evan (FTA) Morgan’s drivers license, so as you will plainly see here, it is NOT simply “some speeding tickets,” nor was the video in question which was produced by MVUSD Board Member Evan Failure to Appear Morgan, a “silly YouTube video” as Mr. Mariscal describes it, nor was it just using “bad words” and there are many more videos as well. As for Ladonna Jempson, I have no idea what this Mushroom is even talking about, I am not nor have I ever been a supporter of Ms. Jempson, nor at any time did I feel her prior crime was okay, in fact I found it appalling and that it made her unfit to serve our city.


San Bernardino Case Number 98310BJ

Bullhead City AZ. Case Number J-0802-TR-20090275:

Bullhead City AZ. Case Number J-0802-TR-20082356:

Bullhead City AZ. Case Number J-0802-TR-20070330:

Riverside County Cases:

Case 25948TJEM:

Case 39529MLEM:


Case 314929EM:

Case 395680EM:


Case LE34813EM:

Case MR05540EM:

Case MV159959EM:

Case MV165591EM:

Case MV168841EM:

Case MV174589EM:

Case MV195889EM:

Three Year Drivers License History for Evan Failure to Appear Morgan as of January 31, 2017:

(Video Curtsey of the Facebook Page; ‘Get Crooked Politics Out of Moreno Valley.’)

   Again, mvgordie thanks Joshua Mariscal for the segue into this post and for reminding me about Evan (FTA) Morgan’s use of his thumb to nose in regards to public safety, law enforcement and the laws of this state.

One thought on “Thank you Joshua Mariscal for the segue into the next blog post for MVUSD Trustee Evan (Failure to Appear) Morgan.

  1. Good post mvgordie. Well, someone is spending a lot of money, just after my last (1/25/17) post on this blog/thread. Just hope they keep in mind that any civilian (outside the scope of legally authorized law enforcement operations) using illegal cell-phone ping tracking-software is a federal crime, and a California felony – to boot. The civil penalties start at 2-million USD in U.S. District Criminal Court, under U.S. Title 18, Chapter 19, Code 2511; Illegal Intercepts. Read all about it, and do keep your insurance premiums paid up to date boys; 2nd warning, 1st was in May 2012, in writing. Your first few incoming pretext phone calls were not done well either, in effort to engage my device (you got burned), and the field team you sent were very sloppy (burned on both days). And hey, tell the idiot driving the SUV on Saturday with the gold tracking antenna on top to use something a bit less obvious next time. I’ll bet MVPD is paying attention now. Its just hard for me to let go of the good people I still care about and left in MoVal; still want to guard them from the creepy predators there. Old Memories of the Middle-East Die Hard; and still standing after 06/01/2015.

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