Video Provided by Donovan Saadiq (Actual Individuals who filmed this criminal act are unknown to mvgordie)

Many thanks to the individuals who stood up to the dirty politics played out by Louise Palomarez in support of Moreno Valley Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez and Moreno Valley Mayor Pro-Tem Victoria Baca in their quest for the revitalization of Moreno Valley’s famous 3-0 club of convicted criminal Marcelo Co, by endorsing, campaigning for and advising Moreno Valley’s district four candidate Lying Ulises Cabrera (otherwise known as Kid Cabrera).



3 thoughts on “Video Provided by Donovan Saadiq (Actual Individuals who filmed this criminal act are unknown to mvgordie)

  1. 6 million California business professionals and individuals, including major corporations, have either sold or moved their businesses out California in just over the past 5 years for exactly the above reported reason. California Public Corruption, deception, and crime is being modeled by our sitting Governor as the Business Industry Standard, untouched and sponsored by the Governor, who cuts State licensing services budgets for legitimate business owners, while it has been reported that he is now paying Gang Members $1000 per month not to shoot US, just after early-releasing 10s of 1000s of wolves (Convicted felons) on US. Can anyone say “RICO Act”, government officials aiding and a bedding known felons. Anyone? “See something, Say Something to Justice just didn’t work out well at all.” It’s JustUS for now. I was once one of their biggest fans, when Justice was allowed to do their jobs.

  2. Don’t think it’s appropriate to use an office inside City Hall for campaign purposes. Outside would be ok but not an office. Good job on catching signs being destroyed.

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