City of Moreno Valley Caught Misusing Its Code Enforcement Program in Accordance with HUD Requirements.

One more reason the recall of Councilwoman Victoria Baca should be approved by the voters, she has a long history of being on the wrong side of every issue, as well as our Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez and his sidekick Councilboy Ulises Cabrera.

Read and or download the report in PDF Format by clicking Here

Visit the website source by clicking here: Office of Inspector General U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


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7 thoughts on “City of Moreno Valley Caught Misusing Its Code Enforcement Program in Accordance with HUD Requirements.

  1. Since 2015-2016 the CDBG-eligible target areas have been changed by HUD and some of the worst areas were actually taken out. Not sure what you all are expecting, but the money we are talking about isn’t enough for some huge improvements and hey-why not clean up your own messes?


  3. Imo,
    the all new corruption crew and big money pawns.
    unfortunately, nothing’s changed. Sorry residents.
    Recall them all and pray for miracles.

  4. We recommend that the Acting Director of HUD’s Los Angeles Office of Community Planning and Development require the City to (1) support charges made to the code enforcement program or repay the program $797,222 from non-Federal funds, (2) develop and implement written policies to define deteriorated areas and establish a written plan of how the program would be used to arrest the decline in CDBG-eligible target areas, (3) develop and implement written controls to allocate code enforcement officers’ costs among different CDBG activities and other funding sources and to properly record work hours for inspection activities, and (4) provide training on HUD requirements to code enforcement staff.

    People wonder why our city is such a dump and think of all the ways this city has used CDBG grant funds besides improving our city’s blighted areas.

    • Thank you for posting the report. I am not surprised and am happy that HUD investigated. I knew that the CDBG code officers were at times assigned to non-CDBG areas. Wonder where the money will come from for repayment?

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