Evan D. Morgan of Moreno Valley Unified School Board to face 5 felony charges and 1 Misdemeanor charge in two separate Riverside County case.

Mr. Morgan was arraigned today August 29th, 2018 on the six felony charges in two separate cases stemming from his arrest back on May 22nd, 2018 for forcing his way into an elderly woman’s home in an apparent burglary.

These charges were filed after months of investigation by both the Corona Police Department and Riverside County’s District Attorneys Office.

Evan Morgan is the second MVUSD Board Member to face felony charges in recent history, with past MVUSD Board Member Mike Rios who faced attempted murder charges and pimping and pandering charge of which he is currently serving a 14.5 year sentence, and one of three political candidates supported by Highland Fairview and its CEO Iddo Benzeevi, a local development company owned by Mr. Benzeevi and his partners Jules and Eddie Trump of Florida, the other was Ex-Moreno Valley Councilman Marcelo Co, himself currently serving time in a federal prison for accepting the nations largest ever political bribe of over 2.5 million dollars.

 Dr. Yorai “Benny” Benzeevi

Mr. Benzeevi is no stranger to controversy as his brother Benny Benzeevi is facing his own issues in Tulare California, issues which involve Iddo Benzeevi and Highland Fairview as well. (Dr. Benny Benzeevi’s home was recently searched as part of an ongoing investigation into Healthcare Conglomerate Associates and its management of the Tulare Local Healthcare District)



Mr. Morgan’s charges include the following:

Riverside Criminal Court Case No. RIF1803802:

PC594 Vandalism of $5,000 or more

PC602.5(A) Enter non-commercial bldg w/o consent of owner 



Riverside Criminal Court Case No. RIF1803803:

PC 30605(A) Possession of assault weapon

PC 30600(A) Manufacture, transport or lends an assault weapon

PC 30600(A) Manufacture, transport or lends an assault weapon

PC 664/30600(A) Attempt to manufacture, transport or lends assault weapon



NOTE: Mr. Morgan’s bail has been increased from its original assessed amount of $35,000 to a total of $85,000.

Riverside Criminal Court Case 182218:

PC 459 Burglary








                           Mike Rios

                           Marcelo Co

Jules Trump, Iddo Benzeevi, Eddie Trump


  1. MVGordie reads people very well! That’s why I love this blog! MORON is headed for a nice reality check! Keep doing what you are doing and helping us know who is the good guys versus the bad guys!

  2. Today, I received an unsolicited Labor Day email from Waste Management to an email address I’ve had only since late 2016. I haven’t had a Waste Management account since then, after moving out of Moreno Valley in June 2016. This is the first and only Waste Management email I’ve received since I moved. Looks like Gutierrez made the phone call that connects those 2 dots I suspected all along – duly noted. Yesterday’s computer hack-attempt on my network did not work out well for them, either. That’s a U.S. Criminal Code, Title 18, Illegal Intercept attempt. Is this coming Labor Day something I should be afraid of? This is how life was and still is in Moreno Valley, if you stand up in Truth for Justice.

  3. Isn’t this the same guy that ran Gutierrez campaign? Same guy who likes to play with Barbie dolls and races down resident streets in Moreno Valley?

  4. Great news report of Truth, but not surprised at all. Well, Evan will be one of Jerry’s Kids within a few months and will be out of jail again. And, by the way, if Gavin Nuisance wins the 2018 Governor’s Race, Benzeevi will need those warehouses to store all of the now illegal drugs that Nuisance intends on legalizing after elected. With Moreno Valley (2014 Press Enterprise Article – “Stash House” Capital) as the hub for demand of product, there’s already been a few seated on MV City Council who know how trafficking works. So, its just a short reach to their friends to the South – to make the much anticipated high supply arrangements to meet demand. And hey, job creation, right? But wait, what insurance company will write a work-comp policy on a warehouse employee who’s high all the time? I’m also hearing Governor Jerry Brown is going to host the 1st annual California “Hit-N-Run Olympics”. I hear Jerry, himself, will be the Master of Ceremonies, and Gavin Nuisance will hand out heroin, cocaine, and other dangerous drugs to drivers (contestants) at the aid stations on the course around Mystic Lake. Will Mayor Gutierrez coordinate with his contacts at Waste Management to pick-up the bodies?
    It takes Raw Truth to Stand-Up for Justice after getting knocked down, and that’s what keeps a community safe. For now, its JustUS.

    Good job

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