Vote Tracey Vackar for Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 5.


The RCCD Faculty Association (CTA) enthusiastically supports Tracey Vackar.

Tracey is a former Moreno Valley School Board Trustee and currently serves as the President of the Board of Trustees of Riverside Community College District. She supports faculty and staff rights, and she shares our union values: accessibility of education for all; the value of education not only for its own value, but also for career and societal benefits; as well as fiscal responsibility in decision-making.

Tracey’s opponent, Sam Davis served as a RCCD Trustee for only one term and luckily voters rejected his bid for re-election in the last election cycle. Sam’s tenure on the RCCD board was nothing short of a complete disaster. He proved absolutely incapable of grasping the complexity of responsibilities of a higher education board member. He managed to alienate all stakeholders at RCCD to the point that they all passionately opposed his re-election bid four years ago and strongly resist his candidacy in this election.

Whereas her opponent, Sam Davis, supports the interests of big business, Tracey has the work experience and training to support diverse community members, employee and student rights and interests at RCCD.

Tracey has proven to be a very successful consensus builder and has earned the respect of all stakeholders during her tenure at RCCD.

The stakes could not be any higher in this election. Faculty, Staff and Students at RCCD urge you to vote for the candidate with the knowledge and experience to help RCCD continue its tradition of excellence. Vote Tracey Vackar for RCCD Board of Trustees, Area 5.

With the Utmost Respect

Riverside Community College District Faculty Association

Note: is not affiliated in any way with Tracey Vackar for RCCD Board of Trustees, The campaign of Tracey Vackar for RCCD Board of Trustees has not given permission for this posting.   mvgordie .com has posted the above as a free service to the community

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