My family and I have known Aja and her family for many years, they are a fine upstanding family with a history and tradition of service to our country, Aja has followed in those same footsteps of service to our country and even further, to her local community by serving our local veterans as well as the community at large, she has worked across political party lines to best serve the whole community’s interest and not just a single political party or personal interest.

She is not one to be closed minded and is quite open to reasonable debate ( in fact she’s held meetings for the public to discuss important issues regarding our city), that isn’t to say however she can easily be swayed away from her ethical and moral stance on issues of her concern and what’s best for the majority of the citizens, that to our family is an important as there’s many sides to every issue however it is the vast majority who are left unheard (it’s that squeaky wheel gets the grease thing).

As a veteran from a long line of veterans Aja Smith is a strong supporter of our retired veterans and those currently serving, she will work hard to increase veterans benefits and will support the proper funding of our military to better serve our national security interests and provide the best training and tools available for our troops.

There is also the simple representation our city needs in Washington as we don’t have it now with Congressman Mark Takano. Moreno Valley is the second largest city in Riverside County, however when the citizens of this city hold events so that they can ask questions of those seeking election to the 41st congressional district Mark Takano is forever a no show, he can never find the time to hear our concerns and ask him questions.

However give Mr. Takano the opportunity for a sit down visit with the United Democrats of Moreno Valley (Councilwoman Victoria Baca’s local political club) along with Moreno Valley Councilman Marcelo Co a now convicted political felon (Marcelo was convicted of accepting the largest political bribe in the history of the FBI), Mark Takano can fit you right in, but he can’t find time for the rest of Moreno Valley. How well do you think Mark Takano is really representing you in Washington when he can’t even take an hour to listen to you here.

Unlike Congressman Takano, Aja Smith has attended every event she was asked to attend and has taken our questions and heard our concerns while Mark Takano took a knee. But at the time Mark Takano did take time to visit Moreno Valley and Marcelo Co, Aja Smith was out using her personal time, money and effort to remove Marcelo Co from office due to his corrupt actions while in office, by investigating into his background as well as seeking his recall from office. Aja has held open meetings for the public to attend and discuss and debate many issues surrounding our city (the 2nd largest city in Riverside County) for many years is isn’t something she started overnight so she could add it to her resume, and , these events her held in cooperation with local political clubs which were not Republican which demonstrates her willingness and ability to work across the aisle, another thing which can’t be said about Takano.

If we the citizens of Moreno Valley are not good enough for a little of Congressman Takano’s time now, what makes you think we will be worth his time in Washington?

One thing that is upsetting to me over this election is those in support Mark Takano attacking Aja Smith over her race, sexuality and party affiliation and insinuating she has somehow strayed off the reservation by being both a female and a woman of color who has crossed some sort of imaginary line by simply being a Republican.

This is only a part of why Aja Smith for Congress, as for me the list could go on and on.

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