It’s Time for President Obama to Go Away and Let a Real President Lead, He had His Chance

Former President Obama is claiming the mass exodus from other countries and headed towards our homeland with full intent to invade our country by any means necessary be that legally or illegally consists of those who are “impoverished and malnourished,” yet no one laughs or calls him out on it.

You would think if statements by our current President, Donald Trump that were made in reference to this mass exodus had within its within this throng of people, criminals as well as people from far away nations, is somehow taken as a lie by President Obama and the liberal media as well.

I see the news footage, as well as the images of those within the thousands of flag waving mostly well fed men, some wearing clothing by Under Armor, taking selfies and shooting video to document their trip to share on social media using the latest i phone, I see all those overweight malnourished individuals in the footage stuffing their faces with grub and all the food wrappers littering the trail of this mass exodus, yet I haven’t seen or heard from any left wing liberal news agency of any malnutrition within the ranks of those seeking invade our country by any means necessary, you would think that if it existed it would have surely been aired or at least reported.

For President Obama to call our President a liar when he states there are criminals within the mass exodus heading to our country, when it isn’t an assumption, or a lie, its a fact that criminals do exist within this mass invasion. So who is seeking to lie and deceive the citizens of our country, Obama himself, but to his credit, during the speech he did admit he too lies.

Obama still doesn’t get it, the most important responsibility of an elected official is to protect the safety and security of this nations citizens and this nation and that’s exactly what this President (Donald Trump) is doing, he’s protecting the citizens and the nation he was elected to serve and protect, something as President, Obama failed to do.

Obama is out trying to convince the citizens of this nation that this attack on our nations boarder is a simple issue of immigration and is playing down its consequences on our nation and its people, he is even joking about as if so what, it’s thousands of miles away right now, what’s the big concern, President Trump should be working on social security or health care and not wasting time on this issue.

What, like this issue isn’t going to impact social security or health care issues not to mention many, many other larger impacts on our nation and its many states economical and infrastructure systems?

Has anyone seen the increase in diseases that were once eliminated from the United Sates as a result of some entering our country from areas which such medical issues are prevalent, as well as the increase antibiotic resistant bacteria from the effect of over use of antibiotics in nations in where they are over used?

This mass exodus if allowed to enter our country brings with many negative issues and those negative issues far outweigh any concealable positive effect.

This is a nation that has a big heart, you can see it in our spending billions of dollars in goodwill to other nations and this doesn’t even cover our nations spending in other countries for humanitarian needs of others, even to those who don’t need it as they are financially well of nations, we even give to nations who publicly despise our country and would love to see our demise. I say this because there are those who chastise President Trump over threats to call off the financial aid to those countries of which this mass exodus has originated, yet those who are complaining aren’t looking at the bigger picture or simply just don’t care enough about our nation to be concerned.

Why send monies to countries as a means of financial and humanitarian aid to assist in the betterment of their counties and its people, in an attempt to reduce the need to flee their homelands in search of a better life, if it isn’t working, or the money is being miss spent by those in control. Is it fair that our nation gives hundreds of millions of dollars to nations when the expectation was that it would prevent such issues, as these countries simply send their people here costing us millions if not billions in addressing their care and needs once illegally within our country, isn’t that paying twice on our part, that money would be best kept here so we can use it to offset the cost of their citizens who are or will enter our country by illegal means.

It’s time to put hard limits on how, who and the amount of people we allow into our country as it has it’s negative effects and our nations infrastructure and financial well being is at risk and we could soon become a third class nation with overpopulation, extreme poverty, severe health epidemics, drastic increases in crime and inhuman living conditions, much like these countries some of these people are fleeing, as an example look at India and the effects of over population, poverty, lack of free medical assistance, lack of social security and bad living conditions such as rapid depletion of natural resources, increased level of life-threatening air and water pollution, high infant and child mortality rate and hunger due to extreme poverty, is that what we want for America.

So yes President Obama, this mass exodus at this point in time is more important than social security and health care, as its effects on our nation can be devastating, even to social security and health care, so addressing this mass exodus headed for our country as well as our immigration policies are highly important to this nation and always were, however you and prior Presidents along with the help of from the House and Senate have ignored these issue until it has gotten to the point the world sees us as their personal human dumping ground and are sending us their excess population by the thousands, so don’t critique this current President for doing what you and others have failed to do, protect this nation and its people.

Make America Safe Again.

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Here you can see a great example of the immigration issue: Best immigration video on youtube-Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

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