Moreno Valley District 1 City Council Candidate Dolores LaDonna Jempson Has Questions.

Moreno Valley District 1 City Council Candidate has asked the following question on a community Facebook page known as Be Informed Moreno Valley

(Here is her question)

Dolores Jempson to Tammy Green “Since you know him what has Dwayne Lewis done for our Community up to this point?”

(Here was a response)

Tammy Green to Dolores Jempson “As for Dwayne Lewis I don’t know him except from what I see from his web page and prior elections, plus news articles about his contributions to our community. I take it from your comment you’re asserting Mr. Lewis hasn’t done anything in our community, you obviously haven’t looked into your opponent and if you have you’re intentionally misrepresenting his contributions our community.”


Well from day one the Jempson campaign has been out front of all other candidates in smear tactics, false claims of criminal activity and a list of outright deceptive tactics, one would think they have become their nemesis, Iddo Benzeevi and Highland Fairview.

Before she seeks to belittle her opponent/s in this campaign, maybe she should learn a little bit about them first. It shouldn’t be hard, one of her close friends, fellow council member, fellow member of the Moreno Valley Democratic Club along side her, know Dwayne Lewis quite well, as well as other past city council members, all of which have met him through his community work. The difference is that some people give from their heart and don’t seek acknowledgement or praise for their volunteer work, nor do they boast and brag about it to gain some fake points towards a who is better than who competition score, as doing so cheapens the value of your deeds.

So to answer Candidate Jempson’s narcissistic based comment/question, let me take the “liberty” (my own free will) to point out a few of his sacrifices, services and community evolvement for our nation, city and community.

Dwayne Lewis has served our nation well, as a member of the United States Marine Corps for over 30 years (April 17, 1971 – February 28, 2002).

“As a senior in high school I made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. I enlisted in April 1971 under the Delayed Entry Program in order to graduate from high school. I left For MCRD San Diego on August 1, 1971.”

“After boot camp and infantry training I was assigned to NAS Memphis for aviation training. My primary Military Occupational Specialty was 6123, jet engine mechanic. After completing training I was assigned to MCAS New River NC.  I worked in a jet engine shop tearing down and building up jet engines used on helicopters.  It was an indoor job confined by walls without any windows.  I was not happy and wanted a change.  I got the chance to transfer to an operating squadron that had actual helicopters. I was assigned to the flight line and able to work outdoors.  Within a short period of time I qualified as a crew chief on the CH 53A/D helicopter.  I was assigned a secondary MOS of 6113, helicopter mechanic.  Now I was able to work as part of a flight crew and was assigned my own helicopter to maintain.  Whenever it flew I was flying too. It was the best of life.”

“I remained in this job until I attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.  During this time I had submitted for selection to Warrant Officer on four occasions.  I submitted my  package for Warrant Officer and was selected in 1982.  My MOS was changed to 6002 Aircraft Maintenance Officer.   Later I was designated as a 6004 Maintenance Engineer Officer.  I performed those duties until I retired in February 2002.  Retiring at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5, the highest rank as a Warrant Officer.”

                     Chief Warrant Officer 5, USMC

Dwayne Lewis has yet to stop serving our community, through his volunteer work throughout the City of Moreno Valley with our youth in many youth sports programs such as our local boy’s and girl/s baseball and softball leagues.

Links to articles regarding Dwayne Lewis and his work with our children:

Press Enterprise, June 6, 2019: Moreno Valley Kids Compete in Major League-Baseball Pitch Hit and Run-Contest

Press Enterprise, May 26, 2017: Moreno Valley Baseball Players Hit It-Out-Of The Park

Dwayne Lewis has also been involved in keeping our city clean and maintaining its overall appearance, through such things as The “M” Landmark Improvement Project (M-LIP), a team, led by James Baker, that on Saturday, June 20, 2015 that Community Project was done completed by supported and worked on by Volunteers such as then Moreno Valley Mayor, .Jesse Molina, Moreno Valley Parks & Recreation Commissioner James C. Baker II, Vice-Chair Bill Alvarez, residents Chris Baca, Dwayne Lewis, Paul Zubuewich, Santiago, and Marco Rosales.  No City Funds were used to get this done, it was done through their love City and showed in their actions.

See an Article here by Moreno Valley City News:

Link: The “M” Landmark Improvement Project Team Puts in Hard Work for their City (6/29/2015)

There is much more which could be said about or by Dwayne Lewis, and his involvement within our city and community, but Mr. Lewis is a humble caring person and doesn’t give from his heart or wallet for public recognition, he does it because he cares, it’s not about padding a resume.

There has been even been false claims by Be Informed Moreno Valley Facebook page that Dwayne Lewis has no plat form, however all anyone needs to do is look at his Campaign Page: Dwayne Lewis City Council District 1

The website is fully interactive and informative, and covers all topics one would want to hear about from a candidate, unlike the claims made by District 1 Council Candidate Dolores Jempson which reports otherwise as well.









                     Moreno Valley District 1 Candidate Dwayne Lewis 2020

How to Contact D1 Candidate Dwayne Lewis: Contact Dwayne Lewis 

NOTE: This post is not endorsed or supported by Dwayne Lewis for Moreno Valley City Council 2020, and is of the views of the poster.

4 thoughts on “Moreno Valley District 1 City Council Candidate Dolores LaDonna Jempson Has Questions.

  1. Outstanding explanation in recognizing the Pulse of the People of Moreno Valley. I left the city in June 2016, but still follow because like you, I too genuinely care about the fate of the good people still there, my friends. When living in Moreno Valley Ranch, I also met neighbors from all over the world, who became my friends, who brought decency and kindness to our neighborhoods – something I enjoyed seeing as foundational to the very core of our HOA there (Good People trying their very best to make All Our Lives better). Unfortunately, when I stepped up to call out corruption in the City of Moreno Valley with other concerned citizens between 2008-2015, it almost killed me in June 2015. So, I had to leave the city. We stepped up & did the right thing, as Doctor Martin Luther King once said, “If a man hasn’t found something worth dying for, he isn’t fit to live.” As for the WLC warehouses close to March Army Reserve Base (MARB), I never saw anything wrong with that, as long as (the Good) our US Intel Community cleared them. To the contrary, the East-End Project, about 7-8 miles east of MARB (in no-man’s land and atop the edge of an underground aquifer) really caught our concerned citizens’ attention – what in the World would they be storing out there, absent a rail system and proper infrastructure (right in the middle of the Uranium-One Deal, Communist-China’s New Silk/One Road & Belt Initiative, among other now questionable actions under the Prior Presidential Administration), which all warranted quiet US State Department and US Military Installation Security Over-sight. The citizens of Moreno Valley should know that the very underground aquifers that feed locations like Mystic Lake keep surface temperatures cooler in warmer climates. I believe the City of Moreno Valley needs Council Members like Dwayne Lewis, who will not only be above-board and transparent to The People (The Citizens of Moreno Valley) First, and also understands the absolute need for the US Military’s Command and Control – in keeping questionable civilian-political influence from gaining access to our US Military Bases & Logistics (our US National Security Apparatus). President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned US of this. This necessary transparency, unlike the current and/or past 3 decades of quiet, underground, back-door deals that serve as a magnet for bad behavior and place Decent Citizens in constant fear of their surroundings. This coming election is a turning point for US All, & its’ up to US to demand transparency. Maybe we can start with a Few Good Men like Lewis.

  2. So, I have been so far removed from Moreno Valley politics ever since the WLC got approved… I would like your opinion on mayor? And also Dwayne Lewis is a good choice, because I will post it on Facebook

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    • I personally see no good choice for Mayor, not anyone of the candidates are any better than the one we have now in office. Daryl Terrell has shown over the years to care about the city and the citizens (all the citizens), he has came up with good ideas, some of which were stolen from him and claimed as policies created by the current city council as well as past councils, such as Hire MoVal and Shop MoVal, he has his negatives from his past, however he has always been forthcoming of it and has hidden nothing, he takes sole ownership over it and doesn’t place blame on anyone else.

      His issues were fully addressed by the court which resulted in all charges dropped and cleared from his record.

      Like I said, no good choices, but if you’re unsatisfied with the current Mayor, there are choices, that said Lawrence Baird is an absolute NO.

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