Moreno Valley, Trapped in it’s Own Vicious Cycle, It’s a Cat Chasing it’s Own Tail.

Moreno Valley will never advance properly as the City of Moreno Valley is caught up in a vicious cycle of two extremes, the pro WLC and the anti WLC, both fighting for power, while the vast majority of the citizens sit in the middle watching this city’s polar opposites have this city spinning like a cat chasing its tail and going nowhere.

The only way to change this cycle is to elect individuals who are outside the fray, someone who is in it for those stuck in the middle (the majority), neither Victoria Baca or Dolores Jempson can bring that, to the people.

The only way out isn’t getting behind any one candidate, people have a right for whom they wish, and having options gives them a better choice than selecting between one of two candidates, none of which are worthy, and this claim of “we all need to get behind one candidate, so we can win is ludicrous, of course if everyone get behind one candidate that candidate should win, and exactly which candidate to “we” all get behind, your candidate, my candidate or someone else’s candidate, and who chooses.    What ever happened to people having a say in their elections and the ability to vote for the person they feel is best suited to serve, of course these demands and calls to do exactly that (get behind one candidate) seem to be all coming from one side of the above mentioned fray, the anti WLC faction, and of course they they seek everyone to “get behind their candidate,” so this continuous tail chasing can continue as the city sits spinning its wheels and going nowhere while the vast majority of the citizens are left ignored.

These two factions have been at war for nearly 34 years, all the while more than 200 thousand citizens pay the price, it’s time for them to have a voice upon the city council, a voice of reason and a voice of neutrality, one who will care for those caught in the middle by seeing their needs, wants and wishes for the city are heard.

Electing either Victoria Baca or Dolores Jempson back into office just keeps Moreno ValleyChasing its Tail.”     

Time to break the vicious cycle is now, as this musical chairs approach to local governance has shown in Moreno Valley not to work, and is pure insanity.

The definition of insanity as we all know is “repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.”

The citizens have removed Victoria Baca once and replaced her with Dolores Jempson, only to replace Dolores Jempson with Victoria Baca two years later.

Time for change, time for someone new, time for someone like Dwayne Lewis.


            Moreno Valley District 1 Candidate Dwayne Lewis 2020

NOTE: This post is not endorsed or supported by Dwayne Lewis for Moreno Valley City Council 2020, and is of the views of the poster.

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