Traveling Down Memory Lane, Addressing Victoria Baca.

Oh the good old days of fighting for what was right for the people here in Moreno Valley, regardless of how my family and I were treated as a result. As I was going through old paperwork we came across this old letter, but it just wasn’t any old letter, it was one written by the late Lory Gleason from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers of Riverside County, it was aimed at addressing then MVUSD Trustee Victoria Baca on Baca’s full out assault on DUI checkpoints, an assault which eventually ended with her (Baca’s) arrest. 

She came to me for my assistance due to my involvement in the community and with local law enforcement on many issues, including Victoria Baca’s attacks on law enforcement, DUI checkpoints and those who supported them. 

Yeah, those were the good old days.

Bellow is the letter from Lory Gleason she asked me to read to the MVUSD Board of Trustees:


Click Here To Download or View in PDF Format


                                  Moreno Valley City Council Member Victoria Baca

5 thoughts on “Traveling Down Memory Lane, Addressing Victoria Baca.

  1. Remembering July 2010, when stopped at the northeast corner of Iris at Lasselle, waiting to make a right turn, where several teenagers from the Baca Crew were posted and were protesting the RSO/MVPD DUI Checkpoint just about 100 yards west on Iris. I saw Chris Baca’s truck was parked there, as well. They were yelling and chanting, coaching, advising, and instructing approaching motorists and me to turn onto Lasselle to avoid the DUI Checkpoint ahead.

    Young teen Norma Lopez was Missing at such time and the first thing that came to mind was, “Great MVPD has apparently set-up a Drag-Net, via a DUI Check Point to use Legal Means/Probable Cause in their Search for Norma Lopez.” Any and every-one in Moreno Valley who had heard of the widely publicized case of Missing Norma Lopez would likely have common sense enough to support MVPD/RSO, as they worked feverishly in trying to locate the Missing Teen.

    So, stopped at the red light, I rolled down my window and stated to the teens, “You all do realize that in protesting the Police Officers’ DUI Check Point, you are deterring their efforts in finding Missing Normal Lopez, right? It also appears to me that you’re all intentionally Obstructing Justice.” They argued with me, absent any concerns of the highly publicized Missing Norma Lopez. I drove away.

    My point is that do the Citizens of Moreno Valley really want the Baca Family/Crew in City Counsel, or any Public Service position, that obstructs Public Safety as Victoria and Chris Baca have done so for so many years? DUI is not a Civil Right to anyone, but what we all have a right to is Adequate Public Safety, which brings me to another point of old MoVal Memories.

    That, in an approximate 4-year run during the Supreme Reign of former Mayor/King Richard Stewart and some other Council Persons like Jesse Molina, the City Public Safety Budget was cut by 75%, all because the City’s Clandestine Cohort, their then Vice-King, a sole Developer, who lived in an off-grid MoVal Hotel for years and built his business building right next door to the MVPD Station, together wanted to start their own Police Department (my interpretation, Copland – a Great Movie) by first pushing out all the Good, Decent, Hard-Working MVPD Officers whom had developed a long-earned positive rapport with its citizenry, and worked in the same manner on the Missing Norma Lopez Case.

    Then, an FBI Moreno Valley Public Corruption Investigation swept in by around 2012 to allegedly clean-up the mass corruption within the City, but was shut down by FBI Leadership under the now apparent heavy-handed influence of the US State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and Obama Administration.

    Unclean hands may have had a stronghold on March Army Reserve Base during those 2008-2015 days of Justifiable Public Outrage against the City Corruption at the Council Meetings, with the Baca Hands in that Cookie Jar. But trust and know that there remain Good, Decent, Honest MVPD (with the Current Chief), and Retired, Reserve, and Active Duty MARB and US Military Personnel who still live in Moreno Valley, and still know what is most important – to Protect and Serve Citizenry/US All. And, for anyone to protest those Good Men and Women in Uniform is a Red-Flag the size of Texas.

    We are in troubling times now, and what we need is to Pull Together as Americans and to Not Be Segregated by People like Victoria Baca, who once stood up in a City Council Meeting and stated Moreno Valley should be an all Hispanic City and no-one else. Some of US know exactly what Segregation is, have lived through it, escaped the old Deep South of it decades ago, and know the damage it does to Communities – to US. To the contrary, DUI is not a Civil Right for Anyone.

  2. I remember well the week RSO & MVPD were searching for then Missing Norma Lopez, when I stopped at the northeast corner of Iris & Lasselle to see Victoria Baca’s anti-Police, anti-DUI Check-Point teenagers holding up signs in protest of the DUI Checkpoint, just 100 yards ahead. Those teens were advising motorists to divert from those Checkpoints. I rolled down my window & told those kids, “Do you realize those police officers are also looking for leads in the Missing Norma Lopez Case? You’re not only hampering their search but your interfering with an active Missing Person Investigation. You probably just showed the suspect how to get away – idiots.”

    Good Cops were out doing their job that day, desperately searching for Missing Norma Lopez, & Baca’s Street Crew was intentionally deterring that Investigation. What a bunch of uneducated, hateful idiots they were. DUI is not a Civil Right, its a Cocktail for Tragedy. How anyone in their right mind could vote this Baca Crew back into Public Service is beyond me. Great Post

  3. I am with Lory and you (Gordy), that letter looks that Lory wrote that today. I am in favor of the check points against drunk drivers.

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