What’s in a Name and Why Names are Important (a Look at the many names of Moreno Valley D1 Council Candidate Dolores LaDonna Jempson).

Some say so what, someone uses many names what’s the big deal?  Sorry for them, but it is a BIG DEAL.

Well the use of many different names is usually a sign of deception or intent to hide ones past, that said, there are legitimate reasons such as a name change through marriage. However this isn’t the case here at all, as Ms. Jempson has used several names upon official documents within Riverside County itself as recently as 2020.

 As an investigator, such multiple names creates questions, questions which should be answered, especially if the party in question has engaged is such name usage and is seeking a high office within our elected government, however to date, no such answers have been given by this D1 candidate, much similar to her actions in several past election bids dating as far back as 2008 when seeking a seat upon the MVUS Board of Trustees, however the questions during multiple elections cycles for which she sought an elected seat, where aimed at rumors of her having past felony convictions for the crime of embezzlement, questions which were asked of her and were left unanswered until June of 2016 (after winning a seat on the City of Moreno Valley’s city council through a recall elections of Council Member Victoria Baca, in which Jempson cited her reasons for seeking Ms. Baca’s removal were based on Baca’s alleged criminal activity, none of which was found during a five year criminal probe by a multi jurisdictional task force).

 In June of 2016, Dolores L. Jempson came clean and admitted she was in fact a convicted felon for the charge of embezzlement, in fact she also admitted to going on the run for several ears to avoid prosecution, this was information she owed the voters back in 2008 and other elections, not after the fact (after being elected and the public would have little to no recourses to address the issue, short of a recall, which due to the date and timing of her admission of guilt wouldn’t have been legally possible due to the an election for that seat being only five (5) months away), well here we are again, another election cycle, more question of Dolores Jempson which remain unanswered by her, even through direct questioning of her upon her and others social media site, it would appear history repeats itself.

 Dolores Jempson didn’t come clean on her own, she only did so due to outside pressure by a group who were poised to go public with the proof of her conviction, in short, if it was poker, they called her hand, if not for that the public would have never know of her past, as she sure as hell wasn’t going to give it up without a fight.

 Below is an example of her various usages of names upon official documents, including her recent “Affidavit of Nominee and Oath or Affirmation of Nominee.”

From Jason Korson, the son of Dolores Jempson on her use of aliases:


Comment by Jason Korson, son of What’s her name and Donald Korson


List of Known names for Dolores LaDonna Costa:




From Riverside County Recorders Office (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE):


From the Dolores Jempson for City Council 2020, “Affidavit of Nominee and Oath or Affirmation of Nominee” :

        “Affidavit of Nominee and Oath or Affirmation of Nominee.”        

Will The Real Dolores Jempson, Please Stand UP

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