Moreno Valley District 1 City Council Candidate Dolores LaDonna Jempson Speaks Out in Video (10-13-2020), But Falls Short on Clearing up Her Felonious Past.

This issue was NOT addressed in 2015 (the year Dolores Jempson sought Victoria Baca’s recall) as Ms. Jempson states in her newly released video, it wasn’t until June of 2016 well after Ms. Jempson sought and successfully attained that office through the recall of Victoria Baca. Ms. Jempson did addressed the issue in public during a city council meeting (however gave a totally different story than she did today), she in no way was referring to her criminal charges out of Los Angles County, but charges of embezzlement in San Francisco County.

See City Council Video of June 7, 2016, and further again on June 14, 2016.

City Council Video of June 7, 2016

City Council Video of June 14, 2016

This public disclosure of 2016 also brought on news media coverage (in 2016), in which Dolores Jempson gave the same accounts of a crime committed in the County of San Francisco, a crime of embezzlement, she also stated she went on the run for two years (some accounts were nine years) and then later turned herself into San Francisco Police and was later tried and convicted for he crime of embezzlement in San Francisco.

District 1 Moreno Valley City Council Candidate Dolores LaDonna Jempson In The News:

MORENO VALLEY: Past crimes won’t keep residents off boards


The Press-Enterprise June 10, 2016 at 6:16 p.m.

 Councilwoman LaDonna Jempson made her unexpected admission at the meeting during a discussion of the proposal.

Jempson: “Thirty-two years ago, I made some bad decisions and associated with some bad people,” she said.

Jempson: “The result of that is I am a convicted felon.

After the crime, Jempson said she fled to Alaska. Nine years later, Jempson said she returned to California and turned herself in. She said she spent 45 days in jail and was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and three years’ probation. The San Francisco County Superior Court records could not be confirmed Friday.

 During an emotional interview Friday, Jempson said she felt compelled to talk about her past because people recently have threatened to disclose her criminal record “to promote other candidates.” Given that and the topic of Tuesday night’s discussion.

The IE Voice June 28, 2016

Moreno Valley City Councilwoman under fire for criminal past

According to Jempson, who is now 60, she lived in San Francisco when she was 26 and was involved in an abusive relationship. At the time, because she feared for her safety and the safety of her child, she committed theft at a bank where she was employed. After being charged, she left the area and made her way to Alaska for a period of time. Jempson said she returned to San Francisco 2 years later and turned herself in to police. She was ultimately convicted, spent 45 days in prison and was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and 3 years of probation.  

Councilwoman Jempson refuses to quit after felony disclosed.


The Press-Enterprise June 16, 2016 at 4:23 p.m.

In her case, Jempson, 60, said she was 26, living in San Francisco and in an abusive relationship when she was forced to commit a theft at a bank where she worked. She feared for her and her child’s safety, she said. Jempson, who provided more details this week on the incident, said she left for Alaska after she was charged in 1982 for those reasons.

Jempson said she returned to San Francisco two years later and in 1991, turned herself in to authorities. She said she spent 45 days in prison and was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and three years’ probation.

Jempson went on further to state:  Jempson said she never lied during the campaign and would have answered honestly if someone had asked at the time. But she did not feel it necessary to raise it herself, she said.   However that wasn’t nor has it ever been the case, people have been asking these questions for some time, as far back as her run for MVUSD in 2008 as well as throughout her term on the City Council, it wasn’t until it was going to come out that she chose to respond.

She ended this article with this:  “If the people feel my past is too major a concern about me being a reelected official, they won’t vote for me and I will accept the results whatever they are,” she said.

Well, “She’s Back.”


Moreno Valley Matters

June 15, 2016

Many members expressed outrage and frustration that this was not reveled prior to her seeking office and called for her resignation from her council seat.

Donovan Saadiq said “If I had to criticize Victoria Baca as my representative, I have to do the exact same to you as well” Saadiq ran against Jempson in Moreno Valley’s district 5 recall election of Victoria Baca in 2014.

Lara-Tellez was not only critical of Jempson, he mentioned Moreno Valley Unified School District Board president Jesus Holguin as one who walked door to door in to recall Baca and elect Jempson in 2014. “You walked door to door you and Jesus Holguin…you walked door to door accusing Victoria Baca an innocent woman of being a criminal, when you knew you were a felon” Lara-Tellez said.

David Lara-Tellez a friend of Baca’s said “I will no longer call you Council Woman you no longer deserve that title.’

Edwardo Gomez who came to speak on a mail theft issue also said this about the Jempson issue “how can you clean up the city when you have someone on the city council who is not honest”

Louise Palomarez a frequent council speaker said “You live in a glass mansion and you were throwing boulders at the last people on that were on this council” she also said “We had a cloud of corruption and you were all involved with it.”

Council Member Jempson’s response to the public outcry for her resignation at the council meeting was “Until the D.A. and the City Attorney or anyone else who wants to buy into this tells me, that I was not eligible to run for this position, I’m not a quitter and I am not going to stand down” she also stated accomplishments she has made during her term in district 5.

With all that, questions still remain as her timeline of events have never fitted (and remain to this day) as she never took into account ONE felony criminal charge that was filed against her in Los Angles County under case number (DOWA479004-01DOWA” means Downey Court House), she held to the story of a prior crime of embezzlement in San Francisco. It should also be noted the dates she provided in her her recent video do NOT reflect what she claims they do, as they are NOT two separate charges as she claims, the dates reflect; 1, the date the violation took place (September 11, 1985), 2. the filing date of (August 29, 1988) the date the case was filed in the Downey Court.

Los Angeles County Case DOWA479004-01


The trial itself spanned two separate courts as noted above (both the Downey Court as well as the Southeast District Court of Los Angeles as noted by the (XSE) with a joint case number of (A479004) as and shown on the provided screenshot, but were for the same single charge of Grand Theft, so her claim of two charges is once again false as court records do not reflect her claims contained in her new video release.

Here is what she has obviously changed over the current pressure to come clean, GONE is San Francisco, the original place and birth of her story, now it has been replaced with Los Angles.  This is what happens when you live a lie and tell too many stories, they eventually catch up to you.  As for her title used for the video, “Let The Truth Be Known Again,” well this isn’t letting anything be known again, it’s changing stories entirely in an effort to once again deceive the citizens of Moreno Valley, is this what you want in an elected official?

**More on her deception and lies and how she will spin them like a Black Widow to attack anyone who shows her wrong.

Dolores Jempson to Gordon Tucker  “The truth is never enough for you. I have never stated that my husband physically abused me because he never has.”

Problem here is she is attacking the wrong person, as it is she who made the claim, I just repeated it. 

See for yourself, it’s a Riverside County Family Law Court case under Number RID203834 (JEMPSON VS JEMPSON, Complaint Number: 0001 — DWC Dissolution with Child(ren) of DOLORES LADONNA JEMPSON and Complaint Number: 0002 — VWC Domestic Violence with Child(ren) of DOLORES LADONNA JEMPSON).



The Political and Fact Based Flyer Ms. Jempson is addressing as a “Hit Piece,” epic failure as all she did was confirm the accuracy of the flyer.



Charlotte’s Web comes to mind with all these twisted webs that come from Moreno Valley District 1 City Council Candidate, Dolores LaDonna Jempson.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

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