A Message From mvgordie.com To Its Readers and Commenters:

Under new laws in the State of California, it can be a misdemeanor to use the identity of another individual on the internet, as such mvgordie.com would appreciate that any and all commenter’s use screen names, fictitious names or their true name, as this can prevent any possible future legal issues.

Thank You, mvgordie

5 thoughts on “A Message From mvgordie.com To Its Readers and Commenters:

  1. If its against the law to use another’s identity without consent, why did you use my identity in a severe mis-characterization of my actions.
    I expect you will appear more consistent, stop making broad generalizations about people based on one third-party interaction, and say hello to Ali Mazarei.

    Cease and desist.

    • I do find it interesting how you make to comments on an article yet neither comment is on that article.

      As for your actions I will let them speak for themselves, that’s some of them right their with the article, you know those thing under CLICK IMAGES BELOW TO ENLARGE, yea those things just click on one and the get BIG.

      You do understand that that post had to do with your poor actions right?

      Those actions (your actions) were pointed at a single young woman you didn’t even known and were done in a private way so she would be alone at your mercy. Not bad and now you cry.

      As for Ali Mazarei, never met the man.

      So are you publicly claiming I have engaged in identity theft a serious crime? Oh and if so, could you explain how?

  2. The plural of the word “commenter” would be “commenters”.
    Commenter’s is the possessive form and would refer to something belonging to a ‘commenter’.

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