(0) About This Site

This site is dedicated to those who seek information regarding the issues which surround Moreno Valley. Here you will find actual documents to support the claims made herein.

Unlike the claims made by The Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association, which provided no such proof during the Moreno Valley 2008 elections.

It is my intent to provide those in search of information, with the best available information at the time.

I will always work to provide such proof here on this site, or provide a link that will take you where it may be viewed (No Bullshit Here). If I don’t have the documents, or a link by which they may be viewed by you personally, I will not post on the issue, however mvgordie.com, may and will express its own opinions on matters pertaining to City issues.

The information and research on this site is meant to assist you the reader, in making your own informed decision on matters which pertain to the issues surrounding our city of Moreno Valley.

Anyone who wishes to download any content on this site is free to do so, as this site is meant for the people.



14 thoughts on “(0) About This Site

  1. Mr. Transparent and your excellency, where is your email address and contact information. Isn’t it odd how bold you are with others’ reputations and personal information but hide your own. No contact us page, no cell phone, no email address.

    • “personal information”

      All information was/is public information of which you chose to make public.

      The texting show is from your account to another persons which was shared to me by them.

      Fact is you were exposed for your poor behavior towards a woman by cornering her in a private chat simply to repeatedly attack her over her political party affiliation and her race, an action you sir put in motion and was/is highly untasteful.

      Maybe you should think twice before you use high tech to backhand another women (maybe).

    • Maybe because I don’t have a self serving agenda. Furthermore, any issues with automobiles from local dealerships has already been investigated by the federal government and NO illegal activity was ever found.

      • I should add that I did address this issue in 2014, so TMC is a day late and a dollar short on the issue.

        Tell me this, why does TMC avoid issues such as Councilman Giba’s use of city taxpayer monies for the Markham Academy, or the city’s failure to provide documents pertaining to the AquaBella project, such as their required annual reviews, of which in the past 10 years one three such reviews exist, or the storm drainage system which was diverted at Cactus Ave. to prevent it from running through HF’s project site?

  2. I must say that Ms. Flemings is a hypocrite she takes peoples personal opinions on city issues and tares them down. Those opinions are those of people who are a part of that city some good some maybe not but to belittle someone for their opinion only to promote your own political business doings makes you a fake corrupt individual and from what I’ve read a bitch. Thank goodness for the city of Moreno Valley she lost her election but even more unfortunate she is teaching someone should surely post her comments to whatever school board she teaches at I would bet they would not be as open to such hypercritical views.

  3. So if your dedicated to providing correct information why would you post a lie about Denise Fleming, with no evidence.
    It’s hard to watch our adults behave as children this is not what we want our children to learn.

    • First off it wasn’t a lie, it was three questions which OTHERS sought answered. This morning Ms. Fleming and I discussed the questions, and they were answered satisfactorily, as a result the QUESTIONS were removed.

      These were QUESTIONS, as an ADULT, do you know the difference between an allegation/statement of fact and a question?

      Here are the questions:

      Did she (Denise) associate with Iddo Benzeevi at the fundraiser dinner by the MV Historical society? Answer: Yes (by Denise herself), however it was simply a cordial encounter.

      Question: Did an organization of which she is a part of receive money from Mayor Owings discretionary fund? Answer: The organization sought funding from the City, however was turned down. As a result, Owings offered to give them money from his City discretionary fund (did he do so, we don’t know) that again from Denise Fleming as well as City records.

      As I noted however, these were questions OTHERS had sought answers for and they did so through me via email and text messages Saturday April 12, they were not questions I cared about, as Denise Fleming isn’t anywhere on my screen, nor do I wish to put her there. She herself has contacted me in the past for information, and if she was to do so again I would be glad to assist her in any way, but you need to know one thing, I don’t play favorites, and lots of people may seem good to you or others, but are factually bad.

      • I thank you for answering and clearing up this issue so many will not mistake your question. Ms Fleming is a honorable women and cares about this community and its growth. You have a bless day.

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