Moreno Valley City Manager Announces Retirement Amid City Corruption Scandal

Moreno Valley City Manager Henry Garcia one of the believed kingpins in the City’s ongoing political corruption investigation, has resigned from his office by announcing in closed session tonight May 14th, 2013 that he will retire affective December 1st, of 2013. Mr. Garcia will continue offering consulting services to the City until that that. In […]

Cliam Documents Related to Moreno Valley Emplyees Paul Early, Albert Brady and Anne Schneider (A good read into what’s been going on in MoVal)

Below are the Images of the claims filed by Paul Early, Albert Brady and Anne Schneider by Attorney Gary S. Bennett (these claims are the first step in seeking to file a lawsuit against the City of Moreno Valley) CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE Paul Early Claim: For a downloadable version in PDF format, CLICK HERE […]

The Highland Fairview World Logistics Center Team, Who are They and How are They Involved?

Here is a list of those which the City of Moreno Valley as well as Highland Fairview report as their team members to promote and support the World Logistics Center: Balfour Beatty Parson Brinkerhoff (engineering and design firm) CH2MHILL (design firm) SWA Group (planning firm) Leighton and Associates (also known as the Leighton Group, a […]

More Information on The Skechers Moreno Valley Distribution Center’s Jobs Numbers

As we previously stated here in the post titled “Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi, on Jobs at the Skechers Facility, and Additional High-Cube Warehouses,” the total jobs numbers at that facility are around 300 in total. Moreno Valley activist Deanna Reeder on March 26th, 2013 made the same jobs numbers claim as did In light […]

Highland Fairview and Moreno Valley’s own Iddo Benzeevi Design on a Dime Once Again, This Time in Banning California.

As you will clearly see from the images below taken from the documents to be used on March 26th, 2013 before the City of Banning’s City Council for possible approval to give Highland Fairview exclusive rights to develop Banning’s airport, Highland Fairview (mostly its CEO Iddo Benzeevi) have once again just recycled old drawings to […]

Warehousing and Distribution Equals the Death of American Production Jobs

Moreno Valley’s City Manager is correct when he claims that America has seen a virtual end of production jobs as a result of the new “global economy,” however he is wrong when he claims those productions jobs will never return. American corporations in seeking lax tax laws, lower environmental standards and wages at a fraction […]

Proof Highland Fairview Couldn’t Finance Their Corporate Park Project

San Bernardino: Broke, Yes, but One Sector’s Booming Published: Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012 | 4:28 PM ET By: Jane Wells CNBC Reporter: There are challenges. The permitting process for ultra-big box developments requires patience, despite the jobs and taxes they bring. However, it’s unlikely many companies would choose to locate these facilities outside of California […]

Highland Fairview’s Aquabella Wellness Campus, is a Hotel?

Highland Fairview’s Aqua Bella Wellness Campus Sounds a lot More Like Aquabella Than a Medical Campus (so much for the medical jobs promise).  Highland Fairview  By: Highland Fairview 11/06/2011 Real estate development company Highland Fairview is playing a major role in changing the landscape of the Southern California health care industry. The company is currently […]

Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi, on Jobs at the Skechers Facility, and Additional High-Cube Warehouses.

For the approximately 750 people who currently work in this Skechers warehouse, work-life is substantially better than in conventional warehouses in the region. But, all this is only for a lucky few, among the many low-skilled, poorly-educated blue-collar workers who populate this region. “The vast majority of what goes on here is automated,” says Benzeevi. […]

Where Does the City of Moreno Valley Stand on the Issue of Life and Health, in Relation to Jobs and Economic Growth?

With the looming decision ahead for the World Logistics Center in Moreno Valley, the City government is going to need to weigh the issue of the unmitigated effects of over 41 million square feet of development consisting of an unknown number of warehouses of various sizes and tenants, over the health and lives of the […]

A New Look at the Real Property Taxes Generated by Highland Fairview’s Skechers Building

A New Look at the Real Property Taxes Generated by Highland Fairview’s Skechers Building Although the Riverside County Assessor’s Office shows three types of tax assessment for the property we are discussing here, one of those assessment taxes will be permanent in nature, with two of them only temporary (Supplemental Assessment and Secured Escape Assessment). […]

World Logistics Center (WLC) Draft Environmental Impact Report and Appendices (February 4th, 2013 release date)

USE THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THE DEIR AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS FOR THE WORLD LOGISTICS CENTER IN PDF FORMAT: WLC Draft Environmental Impact Report WLC Project Map Appendix A – Notice of Preparation Appendix B – Responses Appendix C – Agricultural Analysis Appendix D –  Air Quality Appendix E –  Biological Appendix F – Cultural Resources Appendix […]

Moreno Valley Community & Economic Development Director, Barry Foster, Once Again Uses Deceit to Promote the City’s Crooked Agenda.

During the Tuesday January 22nd meeting of the Moreno Valley City Council, Mr. Foster stated during an agenda item regarding the issuance of an Urgency Ordinance Moratorium in connection with the City’s overlay zone for specific areas in the eastern end of Moreno Valley, that the area was mostly Business Park, CommercialOffice or Commercial and […]

New Moreno Valley City Council Takes Steps to Prevent Competition With World Logistics Center and Highland Fairview’s Medical Campus

During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Moreno Valley City Council the council under the control of Iddo Benzeevi and his crew of political puppets took the first steps toward protecting Highland Fairview and its proposed developments from any future competing competition, this was through moving forward with an overlay zone which in Mayor Owings own […]