Open Hands and Empty Promises, The Issue of Term Limts In Moreno Valley

Open Hands and Empty Promises

In 2010 Marcelo Co ran on issues such as setting term limits for elected councilmembers, as well as removal of the $600.00 a month car allowance offered to each sitting council member, even Councilman Jesse Molina chimed in with his agreement toward term limits, citing that we have council members who have served this city for up to 20 years.

It has now been more than a year since Councilmen Marcelo Co, and Jesse Molina made such promises and claims of support, yet neither one has taken action toward moving the issue forward and onto the voters.

Just the opposite, for two years in a row, not only have the voted to put Moreno Valley’s longest standing councilmember in the Mayoral position, but it is also they who nominated him as well.

With the two time selection of Councilman Richard A. Stewart as Mayor, they have both shown to be men of empty promises and open hands.  Mr. Stewart has more than 20 years as serving on the council, and as a result he has shown an arrogance and sense of overall entitlement beyond anyone’s belief. Not to mention Mr. Stewart and Jesse Molina continue to receive the $600.00 a month car allowance, something Co said he would do away with.

When I use the term open hands, I am referring to the ever holding onto the coveted $5600.00 a month car allowance, something that council members William Batey, Robin Hastings and Marcelo Co have all declined to accept, however Councilmen Jesse Molina as well as the Richard Stewart refuse to let go of.

But that isn’t the only reason that term was used, it also is in reference to the use of taxpayer dollars in support of their friend and major supporter Highland Fairview and its Iddo Benzeevi. They have been well open to placing our tax dollars into their empty hands for any issue which deals with the desires of Mr. Benzeevi, however when it comes right down to those own the city (the people of Moreno Valley), they claim their hands are empty, and that funds are not available.

Although there is not much the citizens can do regarding the issue of greed in taking the car allowance, or the fact the city hands may be empty for some but not for others, the citizens can demand at least one thing, that both Councilmen Molina and Co hold true to their promises to the people and place upon the November ballot the issue of term limits for those who serve on the City Council.

Such actions would go a long way in instilling more trust in the Moreno Valley city government, and prevent the overly abusive sense of entitlement and power which is gained over time, such as that of Mayor Richard Stewart and his 20+ years in office.

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